Bad Insurance Executives,... Bad!

I heard insurance was first proposed by Ben Franklin… His philosophy was that if everyone paid a little bit into a kitty of sorts, there would be plenty of funding available to rebuild if disaster struck… One can afford a small pittance. but tragedy is often catastrophic.

Stability over the entire market would continue through any tragedy and long term planning could become more accurate and the economy could grow, even if just from facing less setbacks….

Somewhere along the line, that sentiment became distorted. Perhaps it was because the number 10 contributor towards George Bush in 2000, was the insurance industry? Since then Health insurance premiums in states rose between 88 percent and 145 percent in the past decade, far outpacing wages and overall inflation.

Can contributions of $1,000 to $20,000 really buy significant influence? Yes, and they do, because most of it comes from an elite donor class and groups of donors with shared policy agendas.

Generous political donors are not representative of the rest of America. Only one-quarter of one percent of the population of the United States gave a hard money contribution of $200 or more. Under today’s financing laws, policy for the rest of us is being held hostage by those privileged few…. 000.25% controls the other 99.75%. State Reps! Remember that the next time Wayne Smith takes you out to dinner…

Yeah, maybe that’s why we need health care reform… Ben Franklin’s plan got corrupted by greed….

It is really odd that insurance worked well for 200 years… Only during the last 8 have we ever been denied benefits for which we bankrupted ourselves to pay for in the first place…..

It is time we return to Ben Franklin’s ideal. It is time.