One has an off day, the other has a day off.

One really kinda sounds sick, the other just pretends.

One shows off empty houses, the other plays to full ones.

One has misguided principles, the other a misguided principal.

One pops down Boardwalk Fries, the other down pops Cameron Frye.

One sees Ben Stein as a mentor, the other sees him as a tormentor.

One dismisses someone named Peterson, the other impersonates a Peterson to dismiss….

One shouldn’t sink lips into new Dunkin Donuts, the other lip syncs to Newton’s “Danke Shcoen”.

One shouts, then twists, the other does “Twist and Shout”.

One has a sheen of being a heavy Romeo, the other has Sheen playing a light cameo.

One has gray nibbling around his edges, the other has Grey who has a “he” nibbling around her edges…

One as he grays, supports character kicking principles that are loony; the other has this Grey, who thrice karate kicks her principal, character Ed Rooney.

One has qualms about borrowing words to say he’s sorry. The other has no qualms, and drives all day in a borrowed Ferrari.