Dear Editor,

I am a native of Danville and an adjunct professor of government at Centre College through the Centre-in-London Program. One of the reasons I have chosen to live in England is the high-quality health care which is available to all legal residents, free of charge at the point of service, through Britain’s socialist National Health Service.

I recently read Janice Bodinof’s letter expressing concern that socialized medicine would lead to poor quality health care for the elderly or government-encouraged euthanasia of the elderly.

I would like to assure Ms. Bodinof that these fears are not borne out by the reality of socialized medicine. On the contrary, the elderly in Britain enjoy high quality health care and euthanasia is illegal.

I take comfort in knowing that, like every other legal British resident, I have access to high quality health care, and that the loss of a job will not lead to medical or financial calamity through the loss of health insurance.

Britain’s socialized medicine is more efficient than the U.S. system, as the UK spends just 8 percent of its annual Gross Domestic Product on health care as compared to the 16 percent of GDP that the U.S. spends. British business enjoys a competitive advantage over U.S. business as British employers do not have to provide expensive health insurance for their employees. Workers enjoy flexibility in their employment choices as their health care is not tied to a particular job.

As Ms. Bodinof points out that she is over 60 and is against socialized medicine, can I assume that she does not or will not use Medicare? Surely she is against this state-sponsored, socialized medicine program, and pays all of her own health care expenses on the free market.

Ms. Bodinof also inserted religion into her arguments against socialized medicine, writing that she fears that a Christian value system “won’t be a part of any decision-making process” led by President Obama. Putting aside the fact that President Obama is Christian, does she believe that Christian values drive the decision-making process of America’s health insurance companies?

Todd Foreman
London, England
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