The question is, with what breaking entry does one return back to the fight?

The answer is this one:

The union of two separate energy stories that my generator spit out back to back. It had to be a sign….

Out of all or today’s news feed the headline that jumped out strongest, and caused me to click into the story it provided, was this one:

Students Build Hydrogen Vehicle That Gets 1,336 MPG

Far more implication for our future lives just radiates out of that title; far more than the balancing of the Supreme Court, the death of Republicanism, or the wonderous WDEL broadcast emanating out of Rick Jensen’s spot this afternoon…..

Cost, climate, family incomes, jobs all the stuff we deal with daily, are impacted by that title.

Serendipitously speaking the next headline showing underneath was this one:

Urine: The Hydrogen Fuel of the Future?

Yes, … I am officially back.