I refuse to smoke it because if I did, I would never have the will to doggedly write such posts as these.

But many of my acquaintances, I suspect, do indulge in one of nature’s most amazing discoveries: Marijuana is better for you than imbibing alcohol.

As the misled generation exiting before us slowly dies off, the signs of Marijuana’s eventual legalization now begin to appear inevitable. The support for it is swelling.

People under the influence of alcohol drive always while intoxicated. Oppositely, those under the influence of marijuana, smoke another joint, crash at a friend’s house, and drive home the next morning. Wasting government dollars to counteract something less harmful than a mosquito, is just that. Waste.

Legalization and governmental control will do more to limit marijuana use, than having our government fighting it.

Since the seventies we have increased regulations on tobacco companies which are legal, and stepped up a war effort against marijuana which is illegal. Since the seventies tobacco use has plummeted drastically. Since the seventies, marijuana use as soared, and even today is growing rapidly.

That is a sign showing all: what works, and what doesn’t.

The smart option available to us would be to legalize marijuana, incorporate it’s growth and dissemination solely as a governmental monopoly, undersell the crime syndicates and black market, and use all of it’s proceeds to balance our national budget.

Even then, I still wouldn’t smoke it, … because it’s effect is counter to that which I like to do,…. but… it could sure help conservatives like Charlie Copeland and Mike Protack get through their current bouts of depression & delusions.