Checking updates, I have been informed that one of the key critical battles in whether or not health care will benefit us people, or health insurance companies, will take place here in Delaware between our Senator Tom Carper‘s two ears.

He is firmly lodged in bed with the insurance companies. It will take a monster truck with a 20 gauge chain to yank him out.

But such an event is being planned THIS Thursday, July 9th. TOMORROW.

Metaphorically we, Delaware’s citizens, will have to be the truck and chain. But should this event fizzle, his version of watered down version of health care will become another corporate joke.

Robust Rally for Robust Public Option
Sen. Thomas Carper‘s District Office
1 Christina Center, 301 North Walnut Street, Suite 102L-1
Wilmington, DE 19801
Thursday, 9 Jul 2009, , 12:00 PM

What is at stake is whether or not we can afford health care in the near future. This is not a personal versus business conflict. All businesses in this nation today, desperately need a break from health care costs to remain viable.

Except for the insurance companies of course….. And they are the ones who have their chains attached to Tom Carper‘s balls.

This, is our revolution. Tomorrow is our Lexington, our Concord… All eligible good men and women need to come to the aid of their country.