Republicans have been slammed lately.

Nothing is going right for them. You say the name of their party and the room you’re in erupts with laughter.

They have become the butt of all jokes.

“Say, did you hear about the Republican who had a case of diarrhea?” ” No?” “He got sick after drinking the twelfth bottle….”

Remember that guy who held up the entire class because he was so stupid, and it pissed you off so much you just wanted to slam his face into a wall?

Well, that is the Republican party today…

Every one who calls himself a Republican should bend over and prepare to get kicked unmercifully.

But guess what?

There is someone worse… and they actually call themselves Democrats.

Mr. Pam Scott, president of New Castle County and District 3 Councilman George Smiley, both guilty of selling out their constituents to developers, are far worse.

Read Down With Absolutes factual account of Tuesday’s Council Meeting, and join me in wishing to slam some Councilpersons faces into the New Castle County Chambers wall.

1) This was stupid.

2) Impeachment options must now be explored (a lawsuit would be as effective).

3) When you need help in Delaware against corruption in its most virulent form, you turn for help, to blogs. Everyone else is bought out.

Any Republican wishing to run against these two idiots who continue to consume a case of diarrhea just because they don’t know better, has my support. At the very moment when Republicans looked like they had no shot in hell, a light shines down from above..

If you are not absolutely disgusted with the behavior of the New Castle Democratic County Council leadership, you need to move overseas to New Jersey. Right Now.