There is little argument.

We need someone who has experience, but is far enough removed from the old way of doing things that they will not be trapped by the inertia from their own past…

“We’ve always done it that way” are the worst words ever uttered. The environment we live in today is one fraught with new challenges. The old school of how things went down during the Carper years, of Cordroy, Sharp, Minner, Roy, George, DeLuca have shot their wad… Now all we are left with, is their mess.

“How can we maximise this opportunity” are the best words ever uttered. Following Karen Peterson’s fight for open government over the years has shown us that she utilises her opponents for her advantage.

We need a Senate Leader like that. It’s time for her supporters to come out of the woodwork of General Assembly and begin to demand that change, the change we must have if we are to remain economically viable against our neighbours, begins today.

If you don’t say it, we’re stuck with DeLuca… His argument for continuity will have no antithesis. The counter argument must begin today. It must start with “now”..

Lobbyists, as much as we bash them here sometimes, … serve a valuable purpose… Anyone in either chamber can inform you of that…. But, they don’t elect… Real Live people do…

So to continue to put the wishes of lobbyists over real live people, can be argued as being un democratic, un Constitutional, and un American.

And the very last thing Delaware needs, is an undemocratic, unconstitutional, and un-American in charge of the Senate.