Assiduous readers (or researchers) can find it to the left of this post in the blogroll under Jump Start America.

Here is where we stand. Most of the recommendations have been incorporated into actual policy.

The one that has not been able to move into the realm of political discourse, is the one that would revert the economy to full blown in three months.

That is a moratorium on 3 months of paying our mortgages. All of them. We will have to make an extra payment at the end our our mortgage’s term, meaning the three months missed and the extra month of charges accrued, will stretch our payment closing date by four months…

The benefit is that the closings, and lost jobs, and despondency, become a thing of the past.

Basically this puts money (like a carburettor puts gasoline and air directly into the firing chamber) , into our economy right where it is needed.

By the end of the third month, our recession is but a distant memory.

We pay a price, but it is far less than we pay for our automobile whenever we buy it over time….

It needs a push. Call your Federal Legislator and ask if he 1) is familiar with the concept, and 2) ask him why not?

The argument for passing such a bill would do wonders for the Republican Party were they to exercise leadership in moving this forward. This is a no pain business method that jump starts our economy, more effectively than any other method.

The second idea which needs substantial press, is the one where we need to go single payer healthcare on all preventative medicine, but leave private insurers to handle our cost of dying.

For instance, getting a tooth fixed should cost nothing to a patient. Getting a colonoscopy should also cost nothing for a patient. Getting tested for prostate cancer or ovarian cancer…. should cost nothing for a patient.

As shown through our analysis, total and complete preventative health care would cost one fourth less than what we spend today. For ninety nine percent of our medical problems, we could casually walk into a doctors office and get medical attention at no out of pocket expense. Later in our lives when we try to cheat death, the ability of our private insurers will determine how successful we become… For that is where most of our medical expense comes from, buying someone’s body part so we can live longer. It may sound nice, but is it really the taxpayers responsibility that we try every option to extend our lives? Is it, really, ….their responsibility?

As we all know, it is cheaper to fix a lost filing immediately after it is lost, than a year later undergo a root canal after we let the decay dig its way down to the nerve.

So whereas many of our ideas have already been implemented, there are still some out there that need debated… Do yourself and us a favor. Refresh yourself and read these two chapters, and then do something constructive to make them happen…