In 2002, Happy Harry’s announced they would stop serving Medicaid perscriptions because of Delaware’s reimbursement rate.

Here is what Alan Levin had to say.

“As a business based in Delaware, we were sensitive to the state’s current economic plight and current budget shortfall,” Levin said. “However, Delaware already had the lowest reimbursement rate in the four-state region, and … with this change, it will have the distinction of being the lowest in the nation.”

Continuing to serve the state’s Medicaid population under the new rates, he said, “brings us to a position where we will be filling prescriptions at a loss.”

Sound familiar?

They backed down and continued so successfully that Alan was able to sell his business to Walgreens and consider running for governor.

Operate at a loss?


and now we hear almost the exact same thing.

But, this time Levin is working with the Markell administration. Our inside man knows this is bullshit from personal experience and the Markell adminsitration knows that the state of Delaware can save this money without any harm coming to Happy Harry’s which is now Walgreens…

So to those still supporting Happy Harry’s, …. give it up.

They were wrong before. They are wrong now. Stop buying anything there and take your business to Rite Aid….