Remember how we were scrapping pennies to pay $4.25 dollars for a gallon of gasoline, and suddenly as the market crashed, we were paying $1.48 a gallon? Days later?

That is what happens when artificial financial devices prop up prices…

The same occurrance is occurring in pharmaceutical prices. The price of the prescriptions we pay for, are not fixed by supply and demand. They are set.

Conservatives not in the know, didn’t believe it with gasoline. They were proven wrong. We were paying excessive profits for oil that when it all came down to it. was cheap.

In the pharmaceutical business we have generic drugs, and brand name drugs. The generic drugs are run in a competitive market, and are cheaper… The brand name drug prices are set in a monopolistic environment, and are much higher…

When Medicare or Medicaid is concerned, it is our tax money that is brought into question. We are faced with moral decisions like this one: Is it better to fund one more teacher in a classroom, or to give even more profit above the profit already received, to a pharmaceutical manufacturer?

Obviously paying for a new teacher will be better for society as a whole. Giving more profit to a pharmaceutical company does nothing, nothing to improve the economy… and yet does detrimental harm by sucking our money from out of our system which could have been better used elsewhere.

That is what the battle of Happy Harry’s is about. That is why it needs your participation.

The issue is over brand name drugs which we all know are way overpriced. The state has dropped its reimbursement rate by 1.3%… That means instead of making 36% profit on a certain brand, they will make 34.7%.. That is profit. Profit is extra money that you can’t use…. So we have cut the extra money that they can’t use by little over one percent and they are refusing to refill all state perscriptions.

How many businesses charge 99 cents instead of a dollar for an item? That is all the difference we are discussing, and Walgreens, the owner of Happy Harry’s, is complaining about it.

Boo Hoo.

No other pharmaceutical outfit in Delaware is worried.

This kind of activity needs to be handled quickly by Delawarean consumers. It is our chance to bust the bubble of pharmaceutical prices just as gasoline dropped from $4.25 to $1.48.

Why should the state pay these robber barons?

It’s time to boycott Happy Harrys.