I have heard that the joint committee meeting involving Walgreen’s backing out of Delaware’s Medicaid reimbursement plan, was cancelled

The press conference may be cancelled as well. Apparently the knowledge recently leaked to the public explaining that the Walgreens plan was all about being able to sell high priced, over inflated, brand name medications instead of cheap, cost effective, and better quality generic brands, has changed the political waters from what were predicted by the lobbyists advising and leading this charge for the big pharmaceuticals, of which Walgreen’s was serving as their proxy.

The big pharmaceutical companies are attempting to stop the non- reimbursement movement by focusing on Delaware… If you haven’t already begun, start boycotting Happy Harry’s. It has become the most important tool for citizens to use in order to stop the gouging of our tax money from being wasted simply to increase large pharmaceutical companies.profits….

Delaware can legislate that generic drugs only will be reimbursed… or we can achieve the same results by boycotting Happy Harry’s and taking all of our business to Rite Aid…. Rite Aid has decided to work with the state. Walgreens chose to fight us.

Let’s put Happy Harry’s out of business… Of course, we’ll forgive them if they rescind…

But somehow, someone, somewhere spooked the political waters flowing through the General Assembly. …. with their spouting out of the real motives lurking deep behind Walgreen’s fake move….