A brief rehash.

This 8% cutback deal was invented last fall when our president elect and press both pointed out and lauded small groups that were choosing to accept minor cutbacks for all in order that one of their fellow employees would not lose his job.

“Better we all suffer a little bit, than some of us suffer catastrophically.” I think one of our bloggers said.

That sentiment apparently was not held by Delawareans, or at least those belonging to AFSCME… Their mantra seems to be: balance the budget, just short everyone else but me. ”

Gone are the sentiments of shared sacrifice …. It appears that concept has been replace by this new mantra:” how dare you do that to me..”

As state employed Delawareans, we have returned to “our child”. It’s now all about “me”. Fuck the other person.

The 8% cutback was designed to trim $91M in fiscal year 2010. Therefore if we choose another form of balancing the budget, we will need to either save by laying off current employees, or generate new revenue to cover that amount.

The theory goes like this: If we don’t cut back 8% on everyone, we must cut a number of people off their income completely, so the small remainder can continue to receive their full pay….

If we choose to cut, in order to reach that $91 million in fiscal year 2010:

We will, at $100,000 a job, need to cut 910 people completely off of their financial lifeline.

We will, at $ 80,000 a job, need to cut 1137 state employees.
We will, at $ 60,000 a job, need to cut 1516 state employees.
We will, at $ 40,000 a job, need to cut 2275 state employees.
We will, at $ 20,000 a job, need to cut 4550 state employees.

If you are a state employee, what are the chances one of these will be you? When faced with almost certainty that you will lose your job, wouldn’t you rather prefer that everyone else sacrificed 8% so that you might be allowed to keep 92% of your income from disappearing?

That is what is at stake. And to be sure some legislaturors may balk at the 8% cut. But if is far more humane to the families of state workers to live on 8% less, than to have to sit in front of Pathmark and beg for food….

If we don’t look seriously at the 8% cutback, things will get much worse.

The unions in their fight for keeping wages from being cut back, seem to have forgotten the simple math that at the $20,000 level, as many as 4550 jobs will need to disappear just to cover the 91 million dollars shortfall.

The unions have not done their job on educating us all on the consequences of fighting the 8%. Unfortunately, It took simple math to do that…..

The choice is (barring Delaware becomes the sole winner of the Powerball lottery), whether large numbers of state workers can be allowed keep 92% of their wages, or …. lose everything… That, my friends, is our choice.

To many influental people seem to have lost sight of that.