The Joint Finance Committee* met behind closed doors to begin the discussion of carving up the budget.  Nancy Cook speaking to reporters, defended the closed door session as a necessary protocall.  ” We need to discuss budgets behind closed doors so the citizens who pay money have no idea of into whose pockets the money ends up.   Those special interests who run our social cocktail hours as well as our state, would be highly upset if people knew how much money these friends of ours would be getting from state contracts, particularly in light of today’s layoffs or 8% cut backs.  Government cannot function when everyone knows where every penny is spent.  How can I reward my friends and family with state tax dollars, if everyone knows I’m doing it?”

“For practical reasons we have to meet behind closed doors.  If the public knew how we traded  contracts and made deals between legislators to get other legislation passed, they would be outraged… Why should you take and waste all our money they would wonder?  Closed door sessions are a necesity for efficient functioning of democratic government.”

The opposing viewpoint was offered earlier this year, during the initial caucus to determine the direction legislation would flow this session… We need open government because:

“Look, It’s the “peoples” fuckin’ money!!!”

The two different paths could not appear more clear.

*(note: the joint finance committee does not determine how much to spend on recreational pot for Delaware’s legislators.)