Today, Joe Biden spoke at the University of Delaware on using recovery dollars to achieve offshore and other green sources of energy.

The students here get it! “. In that one phrase, he outlines the generational difference between embracing new technology and new ideas, as opposed to tobaccoing or stalling of the inevitable, thorough recalcitrant actions…

“This is a moment. This is a moment that comes seldom in history. It’s probably occurred five or six times in the history of the United States, when we reach an inflection point that is so consequential for the next generations, not because of the merit or demerit of those in power, but because OF the nature of the change that has taken place in the world and the country. It’s an inflection point. “

In this case he is refering to the importance of weaning our nation off of fossil fuels and onto a diet of renewable energy. Doing so will assist us globally in cutting back on those carbon emissions that heat up the planet. Green energy, through investment and new technology, will assist us in sustaining our economy by using our own natural energy, and slave to some deals thrust upon us by some crooked Haliburton executives and foreigh diplomats.

What is at stake is a fundlemental shift in how we do business. As readers who followed through postings on this site covering the Bluewater Wind well know, and anyone can click up on the top tab above each page that says “All About Wind”, fossil fuels grow astronomically expensive in just a few years. Delaware possibly disappears under ocean water in just a few years. The United States is estimated to have the capacity of generating 4 times the worlds energy needs just by using its windpower efficiently.

Every penny spent towards fossil fuels is ultimately wasted. Every penny spent towards renewables, is leveraged….

We need to fundlementally change how we do business…

Seldom do we get to a point where we have an option, an opportunity to literally alter the course of human history. And it’s like turning around a super tanker folks. You change the heading of a super tanker by five degrees; 50 miles out, you’re way off in a different direction than you were before you changed it. And that’s where we are right now.

The Recovery Act aims at saving money on escaping wasted energy. The nonexistent party has criticised this administration for spending money on weatherization of low income housing, calling is a waste of money… However, our own Senator McDowell has convince even the most skeptical Delawarean that such is so… 40 to 50 percent of energy used in this country, escapes as waste…. We capture that amount, we don’t have to burn extra fossil fuel to replace it…

…..the single biggest bang for the buck we could get is not with these wind turbines — that’s the future, the immediate future — it’s literally just weatherizing, just weatherizing, conservation. The single biggest bang for the buck we can get.

Using the Recovery act money to build wind platforms helps platform the local economy as well….It’s a fundamentally new approach to creating jobs that are not exportable, that pay a decent living union wage, and allow people to be able to turn to their kids and say, honey, it’s going to be okay. It’s going to be okay.

The whole story is that building a green economy is for us, as well as our children. It’s going to increase the bottom lines through greater efficiency, lower gas prices, reducing dependence on foreign oil, return America to it’s rightful place as the leading edge of progress in the world. And those of you who travel the world are saddened when you find out we’re not viewed that way in so many other countries. We plan on recapturing that.

As we do all that, we’re leaving men and women with jobs that cannot be exported; jobs that will form the foundation for this new economy; and jobs that they can keep forever. This right here, right here, is how we’re going to rebuild the economy. And this right here is how we’ll quite literally begin to change the world.

Changing the world begins at the University of Delaware… Changing the globe begins here in Delaware… Unless we can capitalize on these moments of great opportunity currently being plced now upon our plate, where all the forces required have suddenly come together in one place, we will not take advantage of our rightand destiny, to make hope and history rhyme……