Who is this Johanna Neuman who has lost her edge? I have never heared of her until today, but…. apparently she is the instigator who started spinning the story over Biden’s remark (that we should seek to avoid confined places) as another gaffe by the new Vice President.

The kavips post below refutes her claim.

But since all newsrooms have cut back upon their staff, what usually happens in todays world, is that once a story is released, it’s picked up and copied by others needing to fill up their blank page before they go to copy.

In typical fashion, one reporter comes up with a story that says Biden made a gaffe. As that story hits the wire, other papers pick up that line and say the LA Times reports that Biden made a gaffe, and they then scramble to find additional twists upon that story. They may ask anyone in an interview: “recently Biden made a gaffe: how would you respond?” The person answering is hit blindly, he has no idea that no gaffe was made, and with cameras closely etching out his face, delivers a generic answer that adds more fire to the story…

Johanna Neuman was the instigator. She apparently has no children, or if she does she does not seem to mind whether they live or not… It is rather silly to put politics over the life or death of one’s loved ones…. don’t you think?