I mean no disrespect. What I’m attempting to show is how a third party needs to operate if it is to achieve some form of credibility, by making its presence felt on issues that are local…

It can by splitting its views, out maneuver a larger party who cannot afford to take a position hot on the local farm, for alienating a big supporter half a state away..

It was Brian of Morning Constitution who pointed the way….

He is describing the Libertarian Party in Sussex County, and notes how the issues are divided along some east – west access…

…Citizens of each side of the county have very different issues facing them. Eastern and Western Sussex have very separate newspapers, covering very localized areas as well. The Seaford and Laurel Stars covers Western Sussex very well, where the Cape Gazette is the go to paper for beach politics. Eastern Sussex is focused on property usage and limiting excessive growth, whereas Western Sussex WANTS growth. Eastern Sussex is more open to personal freedoms and Western Sussex is more… religious.

It is like Georgetown is a portal to another world, politically.

It is an interesting analogy. And our prayers go out for both his father and mother in laws