The idea came up in a meeting of America’s greatest economic minds.

Create a think tank of people who thought, and process that information under an anonymous pseudonym with no traceability to its founders.

None of us had the time or inclination to travel the publicity circuit. But we did have big ideas, and the ability to work through them.

What started as a quick overall assessment of where we were and where we needed to go, quickly began to take on Herculean proportions. As we did our research through recommendations, some published and some not, we quickly discovered there was no one comprehensive volume that covered all aspects of the economy.

The urgent need for a plan became apparent. Something like the grit around which the mother of pearl could form, was desperately needed. The public’s thirst for answers was fed by a cacophony of opinions, a breadth of experiences, and conflicting answers. There was no big picture….

Someone had dumped 10,000 pieces of puzzle on the dining room table and had not left the box or image of what we were supposed to build… What we attempted to do through these postings, was provide a picture of what our recovery plan should look like.

We started during Christmas. We thought one week would be enough. Originally we wanted our results available before Congress returned from Christmas break.. Then Inauguration Day came and passed… Then the first of February,… Then the Stimulus package passage, …. Then the 6700 mark of the Dow Jones…

Time has run out. We feel the work is good enough to start discussion, but several of us think more editing is required. We elected to go public and make this document a living one, editing as we see fit. It is possible that you may reread a passage and discover something brand new from the past reading…

The other thing we discovered was that to achieve objectivity, we had to hole up to see things clearly. Watching the news or even reading others current opinions, pulled us away from the clarity we needed to steer our nation’s and world’s policy forwards in the right direction.

There were some surprises. Progressives among our number became swayed that we needed to remove Medicare… Conservatives, became convinced that Keynesian economics were our only salvation, and that increasing taxes for a short while, would benefit the economy. (Actually we were all surprised by that last one).

We all grew in our economic knowledge. We have offered up what we feel is the best path forward.

The next step was to communicate it. Having our policy read was our primary objective. We chose an anonymous outlet, known for taking complicated issues and breaking them down so “anyone” can understand them…

The style is easy to read. Purists are encouraged to click on each link to further delve into our research which we made available…. We feel that if one just clicked on every link, and looked at the actual tables, graphs, and documents as did we, and completely disregarded all of our accompanying prose, that the same conclusions reached by us, would independently be derived by them. (That’s why they are included…)

We accept the possibility that not all our policies will be taken to the bank. We hope that if they are not, it is actually because of some rigorous debate turned up some Achilles heel that we, in our formulation, were not privy too.

That is why this is an attempt. It is a starting piece. It is a broad plan. What is required from this point on, is the best minds on infrastructure building, begin with our view and enhance it. Likewise, the best minds on entitlements, should take our starter view, and enhance it.. The best minds on banking, need to take our views, turn them over, and enhance them. That is the nature of this piece. It is a starter. Not a finished product… It is nothing great in itself; it is just the only comprehensive piece on fixing the economy available at this time….

So that is why we chose to not publish these finding for monetary gain, but leave it as wide open source on the web, so anyone and everyone could have instant access to these brief words… The internet with it’s “cut and paste” can quickly spread a good idea faster than today’s printed page…

We hope our efforts will help you understand all the current problems which we face today, and understand that, if the correct solutions get applied, we won’t suffer half as long as did our forefathers during the Great Depression……

We are much wiser now.