My concept is borrowed from the game of basketball.. When one is down in points, one gambles on applying a full court press.

For my plan to work, as a nation, we go “full court press”.

What does “full court press” mean? That is a legitimate question for non basketball players to ask. It means that you pressure the other team up and down the entire length of the court to force a turnover; you try everything you can; you expend every amount of effort; the opposite of what one usually does, which is to conserve energy by pressuring the team only underneath one’s own basket and underneath theirs.

On a broad scale here is what we need to do. Short term.

1) Jump start the economy. Put money in the hands of purchasers.

2) Pay some type of compensation to those out of work.

3) Rebuild our infrastructure, (green energy included).

4) Re-establish some type of manufacturing base back inside this country.

5) Open access to short term credit; it needs to be readily available, even if just for the daily business transactions that often go unnoticed, but are essential for the running of our economy.

Long term:

1) We need to spend within our means, both personally and as a nation.

2) We need to pay down the deficit, reducing our national interest payment.

3) We need to control our spending on entitlements: Social Security and Medicare.

Despite the gloom there are some exciting bright spots in our current mess.

One, we have proved beyond a reasonable doubt that privatization of Social Security is a very, very, very, very bad idea. That argument, by today’s events, has been proved to be extremely dangerous.

Two, we are now given unlimited opportunities to fix long term problems that before seemed insurmountable under the old system, because back then….. we had to play by “old rules”.

Three, we have historical accounts of what did and didn’t work in a previous Great Depression and we have at our finger tips a vast information system, allowing anyone to bring forward the next “great idea” which just may turn the tide.

Four, we have at the top of our government, an extremely gifted group of individuals who are each charged with bringing major changes to bear in their respective areas.

Five, we finally have a Congress working in sync with the Executive Branch in order to pass the necessary changes required by today’s events.

So let’s jump start the economy. There are several ways to do so.

One is a tax check to spend at will. Most of which will go to pay bills to stave off bankruptcy and do nothing to generate new manufactured products or services.

The second is have the mortgage companies contribute their part. Figure out how, and run a three month moratorium on paying off the mortgage.

The third is to have banks again guarantee loans to businesses at very low rates, so businesses can spend freely without fear of going under.

The final, is to have the government get directly involved in large massive projects giving some good employment opportunities to work on projects that if left to free enterprise, would never get done because of the low rate of return on their investment.

This is organized as outlined above.. Click the links above to go to the chapter for further detail on that topic.

Hopefully our search of big, bold ideas will need to go no further than the words on these pages. (all 59104 of them.)