Tired of looking at CNN’s Larry Kings’s big old head, I switched to MSNBC just in time to hear this exchange…

Reporter: “I’m at the Delaware- Pennsylvania Inaugural Ball and there is no one here… After Obama stopped by everyone packed up and went home… These guy’s in Delaware (and Pennsylvania) don’t know how to party….I’m the only female in the room.”

Desk Host: “Hey someone just walked behind you pushing a broom… See if they will party with you”…. (laugh, laugh)…

We are then lamely entertained by having the host ask the custodian if he will dance with her… Obviously aware of the nagging he would receive once home… the custodian wisely said “no”….

We are then entertained by a panel who has never been to either a Blue Hen’s tailgate party, a Point to Point, or a previous century’s visit to the Stone Balloon…. Peppered with comments about the prissiness of Delaware’s citizens… and as an aside Pennsylvania is mentioned as well, I’m sure they failed to consider that two of last weeks championship football games were played by hard partying Pennsylvania teams, and that they have never been to an Eagle’s or Steeler’s Tailgate party… I’m sure they have never even heard of Penn State’s Nittany Lions….

How stupid can they get? Are they really that daft?

Being nosy main-stream news media employees they probably were unaware that the real partying takes place …. outside the venue… Contrary to what was being publicly portrayed, Delaware/ Pennsylvania was not calling it a wrap and hitting the sack… They were getting the real party started elsewhere….

Their poor reporter… just didn’t make the cut…..