Aware that many accounts would cover the whistle stop in Wilmington, Delaware, instead of being one of many, I chose to watch the train pass through Newark.

Face it. Today’s temperature had something to do with it… The idea of standing in bitter cold for many hours, … well… let’s leave that to the next generation… I would be content to say I saw the train pass by…

My biggest take away from watching his train go past, and looking around at where I was, was how much trust someone like our President must have in our nation each time he goes out into the public realm… For as tight as security was… opportunities abounded for the unthinkable…. at an almost infinite number.

He has to trust his nation, just as we have to trust him….

Did I say it was cold?

The bridge next to the old Newark Assembly Plant was covered with security. The steps and platform going Northbound were maxed out with people, all bundled in warm clothing.. Packed like sardines hopefully they had body warmth to share… Being without any heavy clothing, this author kept going and found a parking spot at some undisclosed Newark location where he could park ten feet from the security fence that was 40 feet from the track… Listening to WDEL, the train was just leaving Wilmington at 2:00 when the electrical anomaly surged… My radio went dead as did everyone’s electronics… All around everyone checked their cell phones, if they were speaking, they got cut off, and if they checked their clocks were temporarily set to 0:00. But as the signal was re-established, the cell clocks reset themselves. Unfortunately my car radio had to be done manually… (it has been so long since the last time change… Which sequence of buttons does one push?)

Fronted by a slow moving Amtrak helicopter at roughly 1000 feet, the anticipation began to build… Shouts of “lights” and the far off sound of a blaring train horn sent the anticipatory levels to near peak… Traveling slow, with syncopated lights blinking, one Amtrak engine with two cars pulled behind it, shook the ground under my feet… Bracing against the cold, we cheered as the train pulled through the station, the crowd roaring and shaking their signs. Looking through windows for any sign of a wave, I remember thinking… is that the Georgia Train Car I have heard so much about? It looks like a regular Amtrak car…. The crowd must have thought the same thing, for no one but me, who was by now freezing, moved towards their car…..

Once inside the warm cockpit, I remember thinking that the difference between the train leaving Wilmington and its arrival in Newark, had been too quick… Another train, THE train, must be coming… Braving the cold, was a bounty of protesters (or supporters) carrying large cardboard letters… Darlene Battle and a group from Acorn, put their signs up for Steve Beard to photograph. The sign once raised, said in bold capital letters: ELECTRIC CARS: YES WE CAN! (That photograph should be circulated on email in the near future…..)

I couldn’t help but think that with the coming of this new administration, where on earth could one invest and create a plant that could be capable of building our nation’s first electric car… An abandoned car assembly plant might be a start… And if one could find one such factory next to a University that was internationally known for its research into renewable technology, perhaps one may have found the ideal location in which to invest in a plant to make electric cars… And if one could ever find two underutilized automobile manufacturing locations, just miles apart in close proximity to that same university, then that might be the ideal core to initially invest all into that new technology….

Gee, I wonder is such a place even exists?

But it was time. Braving the cold once again this author found a location near the fence, and felt the sub-audible hint of an oncoming passenger train… The crowd began to roar as the two engine Acela train raced past on the near track at 70mph. The train was long.. Probably the longest passenger train I have ever seen on the East Coast in twenty years.. I didn’t count the cars, but at its back… in antiqued splendor, rolled the old styled blue colored gold trimmed in the word “Georgia”….. rail car… At such wind speeds no one was on the back deck, still draped with flags… the windows raced too fast to see anyone inside…. but how brave or how trusting one must be to travel it in today’s era…

It was cold, did I mention that?

As I raced back to the warm confines of my car…. a Delaware National Guard Chinook hovering at about 5000 feet up, was following the train.