Why I Went Into Science and Math
Courtesy of Current World News

Seeing this jogged some old buried neurons. The human brain is a remarkable instrument. Not only can it store information on hard drive for long periods of time, but it can instantly fire up the emotions associated with that memory.

I guess that’s what makes us human.

My memory caused in me a flow of hormones, and vague, fond memories of sharing those feelings with friends who have not been heard from, since those years long, long ago.

This early preschool crush is probably what directed me foward into the fields of science and math, as well as it may have many of my peers. … Back then, Science was sexy; and just as sex was starting to peek out from underneath the burden of centuries of pregnancy, this cinematic brave new world of tomorrow’s future, appeared personally enticing. Math and science were the easiest paths for one to follow in order to reach that plateau where good sex was obtainable.

Today,sex is totally different. Hip hop videos are considered sexy. Our national youth’s attention has been focused downward in that direction.

It seems that making science and math “really hot” again needs to become a priority in our nation’s interest.

We need to fast track our out-of-work actors and unemployed models into our science and math classrooms across this once great nation. If Britney Spears or Paris Hilton had been my biology teacher, I would not be able to wait for school in the morning….I would walk; no, I would run to school if my bus was ever disabled….

America needs really good teachers.

Math and science again need to become “hot” topics.