WE should have known something was up when early Tuesday morning, Barack Obama’s Senate seat Ebay auction, was suddenly suspended.

Then early Tuesday morning, Blobojevich was arrested peacefully in his home, but hair made a run for it, and has yet to be placed under proper control.

Chicago is well known for its corruption, but the scale of this scandal shook it to its core.. Most citizens were not shocked at what Blagojevich did , but at how bad he was ….. at doing it. It’s part of the standard curriculum in 9th Grade Chicago public schools: what to say, or not say, when one is knowingly on a tapped phone.

It is also been revealed that the Illinois governor put out a bid on Senator Durbin’s seat as well, even though Durbin is still in it. Futures trading, no doubt.

Upon reflection this has been a bad year for governors: First Spritzer, then Palin and now this guy……

Granted. This guy takes the cake.. He actually puts the “Goober” in gubernatorial.

However on a bright note, parents across America breathed a collective sigh of relief.. Finally…. they had a scandal of which they could explain to their children.

One with no prostitutes, no homosexuals, and no playing footsie under the toilet stall; it truly is: …… “the change we needed.”

Many Americans are now asking how on earth a person of this caliber, ever got elected anyway?

It was because of this hypnotic award winning commercial in 2002, titled “Make That Switch to Blagojevich…”

This scandal is rich enough in itself.. It does not need embellishment. What is most perplexing is why members of the main stream media, are still trying to stretch facts and tie Obama in on something that happened completely independent of him..

Despite the direct words of the prosecutor who himself is a Republican, who listened in on all the tapes, the very one who said Obama did nothing wrong, ….members of the media continue to insist this is Obama’s first huge scandal…

Even locally we have heard it misappropriated. I have been too busy to listen to Allan Loudell (WDEL) as much as I should, but the five times I did, I heard Allan get shot down by 5 of his experts, all of who all said they thought that pinning any of this on Obama was ridiculous…

Pinning the two opposite Chicagoans together, makes as much sense as saying they both have the same haircuts… Doing both destroys any credibility one has…

Obama can not be tarnished by this event… The media, on the other hand, has just proved it is made up of low IQ journalists…. I guess the smart ones are all writing books….