Automakers fail to cash in on big GOP donations L.A Times

GOP senators won’t budge on auto bailout Chicago Tribune

Rescue Bid for Detroit Collapses in Senate Wall Street Journal

Hope for auto rescue shifts to White House
Detroit Free Press

GM, Chrysler Survival Options Narrow After Vote Fails Bloomberg News

US car bail-out fails in Senate BBC News

Hope dims for deal to rescue carmakers as talks collapse USA Today

Auto bailout bill dies in Senate CNN

$14B auto bailout dies in Senate Associated Press

Rescue collapses as Senate rejects aid for auto industry The Detroit News

Auto bailout fails

House’s Auto Bill Comes Under Republican Fire Wall Street Journal

Senate roll call on $14B auto bailout Associated Press

Options narrow for GM, Chrysler
The Detroit News

Auto bailout collapses Ft. Worth Star- Telegram

Bailout plan for automakers collapses

Auto Bailout Headed For Defeat CBS News

Auto Bailout Collapses on Wages Business Week

Senate Abandons Automaker Bailout Bid NY Times

Auto shares down as US auto bailout plan fails Press Trust of India

Automakers Try to Calm Jittery Suppliers Business Week

Auto industry bailout blocked in the Senate Poughkeepsie Journal

FACTBOX: Senators detail snags in auto bailout talks Reuters

Republicans torpedo House-passed measure
Wall Street Journal

Not one of these news reports is keen on Republicans. In fact, Republicans get kicked hard.

Who again was for it? The current president, the next president, 6/10ths of the House, and it passed 52-35 in the Senate… But wait… didn’t all the headlines say it failed?

Oh, Republicans invoked the rule of cloture, meaning that 60 votes were required to pass….

It appears that there is no person left on this planet who thinks that Republicans should be considered anything less than the villains they are. They certainly had no influence on the markets in Asia

Oh! My mistake! ….. Here’s one……