Ok, it’s not just me… Actually several days ago I realized I forgot the actual date and looked it up… Today is the forty-fifth anniversary..

Amazingly very little has been said anywhere…….about commemorating that cataclysmic psychological event…. If one pushes the search hard enough there is a piece in both the Fort Worth and Dallas papers today… Other than that… just a couple of blurbs in small town weeklies…. Usually an anniversary ending in either 5 or 0 causes a major ripple across the main stream media…. Today….NOT!


Obama’s election has pushed that event back into the realm of history. With so much hope and so many problems facing us simultaneously, we are simply just too preoccupied to reconsider old news, even if the shenanigans surrounding that event are shrouded in mystery….. With Obama scheduled to be sworn in less than sixty days from now… emotionally clinging to the last great time, is not so important anymore…..

For now we now have a new icon of hope… One that lives in our living rooms and is currently putting his cabinet together as I write…. The last time someone inspired or motivated this country as much as he has…..well, can anyone remember?

So belatedly I wish to mark that historic time with this post… And with a tender pat on the back to one Caroline….quietly say…. you had a really great dad.