A eight year old is to be tried by Conservative laws as an adult… Today we see that perhaps he was coerced into his confession..

WDEL devoted a portion of the Rick Jensen show on this topic…

Questions that occurred to me during the playing of the videotape of the confession.

!) Will trying the 8 year old as an adult, help either of the two victims cope with what has happened?

2) Will trying the 8 year old as an adult, keep him from repeating his crime?

3) Will trying the 8 year old as an adult, serve as a disincentive for other 8 year olds who are thinking of attempting the same crime?

When all these questions get asked, the answers one gets make the whole thing seem silly.

(He is 8 years old.)

Obviously, when you look at who will benefit from trying this child as an adult……. this is being done solely for the benefit of the prosecutors, just so they can brag “Look how tough I am.., I even sent an eight year old to the electric chair….”

Well, where I come from…….to ramrod an 8 year old boy for the sole benefit of a prosecutor…. seems to demean the world’s definition of the word “justice’.