Are Special Interests Playing With Your Vote?

You decide.

Pam Thornberg, Delaware’s special interest diva, has been reinstated to her seat by a recount that remains somewhat suspicious…

What is, is.

But many murky details surround this recount at this time… They must be cleared up quickly..


Why were only Republican party officials notified and present at the recount?

Why was the recount actually done in her district, among only her supporters?

What systems were in place to insure that both parties agree the new total was the voters will?

For those who have not heard, the error was not one stemming from the voting machines… It supposedly came from imputing the absentee total into the official count…. The more information that leaks out, the more that excuse borders on the verge of fantasy. Supposedly 80 some Barack Obama absentee votes were given to “Trey” Paradee.

There are a lot of reasons to be suspicious… Mostly it stems from the “Big Picture”…With Pam gone, and in the New General Assembly that voters put together, there are now no water carriers for those special interests that have too much money to throw around, which is a good thing…. They need Pam to roadblock and thwart the much needed relief that a Markell administration and a Democratic mandate to our state government, will provide…

Pam has not supported any legislation for real people.. She has however always pushed Dover Downs agenda upon the General Assembly… She has always pushed Delmarva Power’s interest in raising your rates 60%, and again by trying to stifle Delmarva Power’s competition, Bluewater Wind, from ever getting a foothold… She has always voted against open container law, prohibiting open alcoholic beverages in moving moter vehicles.. She has always tried to dilute and diminish the smoking ban since its conception.. She has always tried to dilute and moderate any penalties levied against corporate polluters who freely dispense carcinogens upon our citizens. She always voted against a tax on alcohol, then voted to slash funding for remedial children…

Because of these, this recount is under a cloud of suspicion…. Because it was handled by friends of friends, of friends, all voters in Delaware have a vested interest in knowing whether this switch was on the up and up… (It’s an 80 vote flip)….. The story is suspicious..The press release sounds like spin… No one should be allowed to buy their way into office, no matter who there friends are…

Most particularly this decision affects the large contingent of the Amish living in her district… Above all, they as hard working citizens need to know whether or not they will be legally represented by someone who blatantly works for those interests which propagate those vices of excessive gambling, excessive smoking, and excessive alcoholic consumption….

Obviously the Amish are upset.

Someone other than the Republican Party of Delaware needs to verify those results…….