Delaware Liberal Chanced Upon This Piece of Artistry
Artistic Photography Courtesy of Delaware Liberal

Poor Bill Lee… Copeland asks, then begs, then pleads with him to run as Governor so Charlie and Protack would not be running mates…. and Charlie turns around and endorsed Jack Markell?… Poor Bill Lee is crushed right now, and no expert spin performed by Ms. Evans could ever put a good face on that once great Republican again… Charlie appears to have sold out the entire party to salvage his own future career… What? No support for McCain? What? No support for Sarah Palin? What? No support for what was once said on circuit…”his good friend” Bill Lee? Just support Charlie Copeland for Lieutenant Governor?

Obviously no Republican will vote for him now… What’s Charlie planning to do? Start the Dupont Political party beginning November? He had better think of something… In the meantime….Poor Bill Lee.

As an aside… why would anyone want to put in a snake into office… when such a hero is standing by? Matt Denn by his actions alone, has saved every insured Delawarean at least $100 on insurance costs, by delinking credit scoring with insurance rates…..

If Republicans can’t trust Copeland… should you?