Wind is not an “all to be all”.  But those who supported Wind early, showed themselves to be visionaries, which is what this country and state will need right now… Those who opposed wind found themselves winding up on the wrong side of 90% of our citizens… If they got it so wrong once… why give them a chance to screw up again?

Many of you have asked for a comprehensive list covering each race of this state as regards to wind… Here it is… You have also asked me for advice… on who would do the better job if elected… For some of those who are running unopposed, I am recommending leaving their position blank…by not voting for them at all and skipping down to the next one.. Consider it a vote of no-confidence.,,  Here we go…

President  and VP —  Barack Obama and Delaware’s Joe Biden

US Senator  —  Delaware’s Joe Biden (His opponent never got past spray-painting “VOTE” on her big signs.)

US House of Representatives — Karen Hartly-Nagle (Obama/Biden need new blood in the House)

Governor  —  Jack Markell (first champion of Bluewater Wind)

Lieutenant Governor  —  Matt Denn (early champion of wind);  his opponent was one of the 4 wind killers.

Insurance Commissioner  —  John Brady supports wind

State Senate 2 — Margarette Rose Henry  —  unopposed…. vote no confidence by leaving her office blank

State Senate 3 — Bob Marshall  — unopposed…. (he voted yes to release the bogus McDowell report)  blank

State Senate 4 — Michael Katz  —  his opponent is for oil drilling off Bethany Beach

State Senate 6 — Liane Sorenson — loyal to her, because she was early pioneer for wind… .

State Senate 10 — Bethany Hall-Long — More in tune with wind than her opponent

State Senate 11 — Tony DeLuca — unopposed — vote no confidence; one of 4 wind killers

State Senate 16 — Colin Bonini — one of the first Republican wind supporters

State Senate 17 —

State Senate 18 — Gary Simpson– one who favored wind rather early

State Senate 21 — Robert Venebles — unopposed– voted to release tainted McDowell report– NC; blank

State Rep  1 — Dennis Williams — voted for HCR 38; pro-wind

State Rep 2 — Hazel Plant —  Which way am I supposed to vote?  Unopposed… definately leave blank.

State Rep 3 — Helene Keeley unopposed —  Signed letter with Harris McDowell

State Rep 4 — Tyler Nixon — very early supporter of wind; while his opponent was behind NRG.

State Rep 5 — Melanie George Marshall — unopposed– voted “not voting” on HCR38

State Rep 6 —                                        — unopposed, special election to follow

State Rep 7 — Bryon Short —  his opponent was for NRG, Connectiv and is an XOXOXO Delmarva lover

State Rep 8 —

State Rep 9 — Richard Cathcart — early Republican wind supporter

State  Rep 10 — Robert Valihura — wrote the bill HCR 38 to force-push wind through the House

State Rep 11 — Gregory Lavalle  — supported Wind early

State Rep 12 — Debbie Hudson — unopposed — voted against HCR38 — leave blank for no confidence

State Rep 13 —

State Rep 14 — Pete Schwartzkoph — early (one of the few Democratic) wind supporter

State Rep 15 — Valerie Longhurst — unopposed– Absent for HCR 38 vote.. no record.

State Rep 16 — James Johnson — unopposed — wind supporter; voted yes on HCR 38

State Rep 17 — Mike Mulrooney — voted for Bluewater Wind on HCR38

State Rep 18 — Terry Spence — signed on to wind early; voted for HCR38

State Rep 19 –Robert Gilligan– voted for HCR 38

State Rep 20 — Nick Manolakos — unopposed– voted for HCR 38

State Rep 21 –Pat Creedon —

State Rep 22 — Rebecca Young — one of the first to twist Democratic arms in favor of Bluewater Wind

State Rep 23 — Theresa Schooley — voted yes to Bluewater Wind on HCR 38.

State Rep 24 — Bill Oberle — voted for Bluewater Wind on HCR 38.

State Rep 25 — John Kowalko — Bluewater Champion.  His opponent is primarily sponsored by wind killers

State Rep 26 — Jeremy Filliben — His opponent was strongly NRG

State Rep 27 –Vince Lofink — was in favor of wind early

State Rep 28–“Johnny” Carson — unopposed

State Rep 29 — “Trey” Paradee — his opponent was bought and paid for by the demons of Delmarva Power.

State Rep 30– William Outten — unopposed — voted “not voting” on HCR38…

State Rep 31– Darryl Scott — his opponent was to busy with nepotism to worry about wind power

State Rep 32–Brad Bennett — his opponent was a Delmarva Stoolie; voted against Bluewater Wind

State Rep 33–Harold Peterman — his opponent voted against wind on HCR 38.

State Rep 34– Donald Blakely — voted yes to Bluewater Wind on HCR 38

State Rep 35–

State Rep 36–George Carey– unopposed– vote no confidence (leave blank) anti- wind

State Rep 37– Helan Truitt — her opponent was one of the roadblocks in the House

State Rep 38– Mary Ryan — her opponent was firmly in the pockets of Delmarva Power…

State Rep 39–Jerry Semper– his opponent voted against HCR 38 to approve Bluewater Wind

State Rep 40– Barbara Hudson– her opponent was not helpful to wind…he voted “NO”

State Rep 41– Greg Hastings– his opponent ran against wind and lost in a special election

New County Council District 12 — Laura Brown– her opponent spent the whole term  at Hooters

Kent County Levy Court 3 — David Anderson — was a protagonist for wind early (was on TV!!!!)

Sussex County 3 — Joan Deaver– Early supporter of wind — her opponent wants to develop the seafloor.

Those of you who are still worried about going to hell and need to do all you can just to stay out…you especially should not vote for these people:  Charlie Copeland, Tony DeLuca, Pam Thornburg, George Carey, Joe Booth, John Atkins, or Gerald Hocker….

All of these thought Delmarva’s profits mattered more than what you were paying for electricity… All of their opponents strongly deserve your support.

Cheaper power for all.