Obviously first, you have to see this as the propaganda for what it is…

Second, you have understand that everything to which we are exposed is propaganda… We just sort and pick out what we wish to believe out of the mess both sides have thrown at us..

Third, with those clarifications in place, you have to realize that this would never have happened just a few months ago….  If its idea even existed at all, it was only in the wildest dreams of some Chinese party official….. who would have been afraid to even mention it to his supervisors, for fear of sounding too outlandish for a position respected by his Party…

It has now come to pass….

An economic conference to which the US was NOT invited… hosted by who else….China.

Reading between the lines:

The summit was a pragmatic, open meeting, which embodied the strong wills of Asia and Europe in meeting challenges and seeking common development,

Discussed was how prevent future ties with the United States, so that our selfish machinations when they implode, would not bring the global economy to core meltdown.

Asian and European leaders agreed to enhance information sharing, policy exchanges, and pragmatic cooperation on supervision and management in the financial sector and effectively monitor, prevent and respond to financial risks to ensure sustained, stable and sound economic growth.

In other words to bypass the United States in their discussions.

The Beijing Declaration says all parties concerned are committed to promoting the realization of the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as schedule.

The Cheney/Bush Administration removed the US from this initiative.

He said China has appealed to promote regional financial dialogue and cooperation and for reform of international monetary and financial systems. It had also proposed to build an Asian-European eco-city net, hold an Asian-European cultural and art festival, enhance trade safety between the two continents and promote disaster relief cooperation.

Meaning that the bullying down by our current administration has led our partners and allies to seek redress elsewhere. How can we bypass the US was the prime topic of cocktail conversations.

The summit has given the world a better understanding of China and stronger confidence of China’s development,

That it does. Meaning that the US is too busy saving its own ass to be counted upon for any leadership role.

The summit plays a key role in the process of Asian-European cooperation and will definitely push forward the new partnership between countries of Asia and Europe, contribute to global peace, prosperity and harmony,

The United States is conspicuously absent…..

My friends on the right who believe that Alaska is our strongest defense against Putin, who believe that not talking to China will force them back in line behind our failed policy, that making fun of their allies, is the way to curry favor….. have in 8 short years….brought the United States from its unsurpassed pinnacle of global dominance, to the rest of the world meeting behind our backs to whisper how to unseat us…..

What’s next?

Privately everyone wonders if China is about to call her loans……

And to even remotely consider putting in a new administration that has one of their spokespersons rattling off the same failed policies….(when she can adequately express them that is) does far more damage to this nation’s future……than those actions long ago partaken by one Benedict Arnold……