In laying down a comment over at Tommywonk, it suddenly occurred to me that those few candidates who were rolling out a “no new taxes policy” were all losing badly… Those few Republicans who have a chance, are running on constituent services if they were an incumbent, and on a progressive platform if they weren’t.

It takes a small mind to get hung up on taxes… Apparently most of us don’t pay them… and haven’t over the past few years, (if one can believe the McCain campaign’s dismissal of Obama’s tax plan…)

Those who bring up taxes 1) have no other platform worth mentioning, and 2) are so far removed from society that they have no clue what society is currently suffering through….

Yesterday, as well as today during his debate, with nothing else going for him, Bill Lee came out with a no tax policy which he challenged Markell to sign… Emotionally still held back in the third grade, these Republicans actually believe that voters really care who signs what…. All such an attempt shows society, is that the methodology evidenced in a school yard bully, still exists in a wizened old man and his uppity sidekick who lives in a mansion…. “I dare you… no, I double dare you.. No, I’ll triple dog dare you….”

Markell is the smart one for not sticking his tongue on a frozen pole….

Equally laughable, (I almost ran off the road when I heard it) was that Lee announced no “new” programs would be started during his first year…. Hello?…. the budget for 09 was passed in the wee hours of last July 1st…. You if elected would enter office January 2009. The earliest that Bill Lee could implement programs not already sanctioned by General Assembly, would be in fiscal 2010 anyway…

So what does Lee’s pledge of “no taxes” do to this state?

It starves it… Road Repairs… forget about it… New schools,…. forget about it….More policemen…. forget about it… Prisoner health care… forget about it… Better testing …. forget about it.. environmental protection… forget about it… cancer studies…. forget about it… Bluewater Wind… forget about it… subsidies to build wind and solar… forget about it… Lower costs for Delaware children to attend Delaware’s Colleges and Universities.. forget about it..

Do Republicans ever think before they speak?

Delawareans would be wise to look at their own households as financial example… Would you personally turn down a raise offered to you by your boss… “You’ve worked hard, time’s are tight, I’m raising your salary…” ” OH NO, SIR, DON’T DO THAT…. PLEASE, PLEASE, DON’T GIVE ME A RAISE!” Were you that foolish as Republicans are with state funding, I pity you when you sat down with your spouse to tell her the news …. lol.

Do Republicans ever think before they speak?

Bottom line, there are cash cows out there who have benefited from Delaware’s generosity.. Why they can’t be expected to pay a tiny bit of that back is a valid question… Stating flat out that our state’s wealthy can keep more of their money under Bill Lee instead of Jack Markell, goes to show that Delaware’s financial interests do not warrant any measure in a Bill Lee administration… Only the wealthy matter under a Bill Lee administration… Don’t take my word for it… Bill Lee, and Copeland on WDEL said the same… ” I pledge no new taxes..”

Cut spending they say… It has been cut too low already.. What is left? Follow the Fed’s example and cut out state pension plans?.. Use that money to fund the budget?… but then who would take care of state workers in their retirement? Stop all road construction… is that what Delaware voters want… So we allow new developments to double their occupancy, and there is no road construction to handle it…. um….ok….

Do Republicans ever think before they speak?

Most of us have heard the speech from the movie Wall Street that states “greed is good..” If one remembers at the time that went against all prevailing thought at the time….

Well the same argument could be flipped with the admonishment that from a societies benefit… taxes are good, too…

First imagine what happens if you have no taxes… You can see the results in any banana republic… where control is in the hands of a very few and they have all the money… The wealthy keep all they earn. The poor scramble for trash-pile scraps and dodge the landowner’s thugs, who scour the slums with impunity.. Consequently, there is a revolution every thirty years or so, when the ruling class changes hands and then they reap the benefit..

We have not had a revolution in this country since the Civil War, and that was over property rights, state’s rights, and our basic morality as a nation… Why? Because of our system of taking some money from those who collect it at the top, and using it to keep things running for all, has worked….

It IS the American dream.. It IS what made Ronald Reagan’s vision possible… He actually increased government spending over his predecessor by using the money collected from taxes to build our war machine, which according to Republicans, is what caused the the Soviets to economically collapse, and is why we should vote for him…

Imagine how history would have turned out had Reagan proposed ramping up the military and the Democrats… said NO.. WE CAN’T AFFORD IT…. That metaphor represents what Bill Lee is proposeing to do to our state… Limit it to history’s dustbin.. Bill Lee, and his sidekick Copeland, are limiting Delaware’s possibilities, because they are too cheap to cough up a few pennies….

Do Republicans ever think before they speak?

Markell’s proposal is to take new technology such as Bluewater Wind, and use it to drop expenses in energy costs 50% from what Delmarva will charge us.. That makes sense… No taxes, we cut expenses, we lose no services… That makes sense.. good sense…

Markell’s proposal is to take new ideas and start businesses upon them, causing more $50,000 plus jobs to enter the state, and generating tax revenue off that new business and those jobs that were not there before hand… More money, no tax increases, we lose no services… That makes sense… good sense…

Obviously someone in this state has thought things through before he opens his mouth…..


I repeated this statement because Copeland and Lee deserve it for their foolish thought processes.

Do Republicans ever think before they speak?

The following Republicans do: Greg Hastings, Tyler Nixon, Dick Cathcart , Vince Lofink….

Republicans need to shut up about taxes. And start looking at those leading the way in providing real solutions to real problems… not stupid crap spouted by Copeland and crowd that are embarrassing to the party.