Steve, our blogosphere nanny (lol I kill me…) has called for a truce… He as a valid point.. Perhaps we should laugh a little at the fact that Obama raised $150 million in one month, twice as much as McCain received from the Federal Government for the entire campaign. Perhaps we should laugh that West Virginia is going to go for Obama (You heard it here first). Perhaps we should laugh a little at the fact that Obama is starting to receive the endorsements of arch conservatives like Newt Gingrich, Rick Jensen (not yet? It’s coming), Sean Hannity, as well as moderates like Colin Powell, and Republican Mike Castle (ever since LG slipped something into his beer).  Perhaps we should laugh as our local die-hard Hillary fans still try to defend their action of jumping parties and lashing themselves down to a loose boulder resting on the deck of a bobbing ship…  Those still trying to change our minds at this late juncture, still trying to defend their poorly placed decisions, still deserve our chuckles as did each one of the cleverly constructed schemes pursued by the Wily Coyote in every one of his futile attempts to capture a speeding roadrunner. (Beep! Beep!)

Perhaps we can all laugh at the fact that Republicans appear close to losing any vestiges of power they once had, as they get turned out on their noses one by one, and red districts doppler shift to blue….

Perhaps we can let out a belly laugh at the possibility of an all blue United States, and at Republican numbers possibly dipping under 30%….of the popular vote… Perhaps starting now, with the pressure, off we can laugh at Sarah Palin’s antics, and support her new career as a comedienne extraordinaire who is almost the perfect likeness of the great Tina Fay…  Perhaps we can laugh now that competent people will soon be running the government, you know those chosen because they know how to do things, and not because of how much money they donated or whether they are “born again” or how often they voted for Republican, or whether they were members of the Young Republicans at their university…. Perhaps we can laugh that our Justice Department will finally live up to its name….

Perhaps we can give a chuckle that No Child Left Behind, will once again mean just that… Perhaps we can guffaw that the Clean Water Act will lower, not raise the amount of arsenic we can ingest.  Perhaps we can hee-haw now that the Clean Air Act will lower, not raise the amounts of carcinogens we can breathe legally…  Perhaps we can smile as we buy gas, knowing that renewable energy no longer means “renew”ing the oil by pumping oil back into the ground three or four times to justify the high price we are paying..  Perhaps we can all be happy reading about our coffers filling up and not skimmed by shoddy tax rebate laws to those who don’t need them…

Perhaps we can sigh that worldwide, our nation’s stature will be esteemed again, and no longer qualified with qualms about our chief executive… Perhaps we can find exactly how certain voting machines were tampered with and rectify that weakness so all people can accept and believe the vote tallies as they occur….  And this one’s for Steve himself… Perhaps with the absolute annihilation of the Republican Party, he can grin ear to ear as people flock to the Libertarian Party in droves for what is truly a pretty good platform…  It’s only problem was that it had no members…… lol….

Steve is right… laughing is good.  So come on Burris, Anderson, Evans, Copeland, Stryne, Lee, Knotts, Feroce, …open up and let it out…. Ha, ha, ha, ha,….

And join with me in congratulating Tyler Nixon on his win two weeks from now… for after all, he had it right all along…… didn’t he?

(Steve, dear friend, the initial joke was a string of words too good to pass up…… “blogosphere nanny”…..  Thick skinned as you are, I’m sure you are already aware that there’s no seriousness behind it.)   🙂