There is absolutely no rational reason why anyone would vote for Charlie Copeland.

As everyone should know by now, Charlie Copeland supported Delmarva power, over he preferred choice of 90% of Delaware’s citizens… Even to the point that the hearing was done openly, and that Bluewater Wind was proven to be the best choice available at that time, Charlie Copeland still tried to use parliamentary moves to kill it.  As Dave Burris, himself, wisely points out, Charlie may not have played the role of Hitler in Bluewater’s attempted extermination, but he certainly could be realistically cast as the role of Himmler…..

Even voting for an unknown entity would be preferable than letting ” that one”  (lol) become Lieutenant Governor…  But fortunately for all of Delaware, an unknown entity is NOT what we have….

So then, what do we have?


WE have someone who was a very early supporter of Bluewater Wind’s proposal to lower Delaware’s energy costs by building an offshore wind farm near Rehoboth.

WE have, because of this someone, a bill signed into law that bans insurance companies from ending homeowner insurance policies just because that homeowner has made a few weather-related claims, or even just inquired about a making such a claim. The new law makes Delaware one of the strictest states in the country when it comes to preventing policy cancellations. SB 191

WE have, because of this someone,  a bill signed into law that allows retired doctors to work at the VA hospital without affecting their former medical malpractice coverage, thereby alleviating a shortage of surgeons, and subsequently cutting down on the number of surgeries being shipped to other states. SB 269

WE have, because of this someone,  a bill signed into law that eliminates barriers that were preventing teens in foster care from obtaining driver’s licenses, including allowing state child agency workers to sponsor foster care teens for a license in lieu of parents. SB 262

WE have, because of this someone, a bill signed into law which bans insurance companies from raising the auto insurance rates of policyholders or dropping their policies solely because they are volunteer firefighters and ambulance company members.  SB 239

WE have, because of this someone, businesses across this state, (just in time by the way) receiving a 11.6% cut in workers compensation premiums, thereby giving the business community statewide, a 12-14 million cushion before economic hardship forces them to go under because of the Bush mismanaged economy.

WHEN Aetna dropped their coverage of colonoscopy surgery, this someone was worried that Aetna’s actions, if left unchecked, would harm the state’s efforts to reduce cancer mortality, because Aetna’s policy may discourage people from getting colonoscopies.  He called on all self insured entities using Aetna, to demand the reinstatement of that right.  (Incidentally Charlie Copeland backed Aetna, saying that it had the right to do whatever it wished).

WHEN Bush vetoed the SCHIP law passed last year, this someone lead a bipartisan group of state insurance commissioners to appeal to Congress to override that veto.. ( Incidentally Copeland supported the veto of giving health care to children who could not afford it otherwise…)

BECAUSE of this man, your auto or home insurance is not currently soaring based on today’s credit scoring… Without that important change, insurances companies could charge you another arm and leg, just because something showed up on your credit rating… Most of you got a discount. His opponent opposed doing so; according to him insurance companies were not taking enough of your money….)

ON the smaller front, of one child at a time, this person has used this position of power to help people, not corporations, as this story attests: No family deserves the burden of a five-month-old baby needing a heart transplant, but it became even worse when Lesley and Tim’s health insurance company refused to pay for what was needed to make the transplant a success.

I AM quite sure that insurance companies everywhere are rejoicing now that Matt Denn is stepping out of the Insurance chair and into the Lieutenant Governor’s spot…. I’ll even bet they’ve already cut the check for the champagne…. But this someone who has taken our side against those with billions, has earned our vote…. Especially when Matt Denn’s opponent has always fought on the sides with the billions.


There is absolutely no rational reason why anyone would vote for Charlie Copeland.