Ok, by now all of you are sure of your presidential candidate, Senator, and Congress person… You may not think that you have made up you rational mind, but if you ask yourself who you would vote for today, ….. you know.. Face it , it’s not going to change…

But if you are anything like the rest of us in Delaware, state rep, state senator, insurance commissioner, county commissioner, levy court, you draw a blank… “I’ve heard bits and pieces, ” you stutter….

So where do you go to find stuff? What are the candidates really like?

You could trust the News Journal… But blogs have destroyed their credibility and proven that their endorsement can be bought as well…. You could listen to WDEL all day long, and here what those motivated to call in, have to say… But any kook can call in…

You could go to their websites, http://www._________.com and scroll through the most boring of accolades known to man… “Blah, Blah, I’m great, blah, etc…..”

You could also wait until someone showed up at your door and vote for them because they cared enough about your neighborhood to walk its streets. But that would leave 95% of Delawarean completely out of the loop…..


You could just Google up a candidate’s name and see what people have said about him over his whole life.. If its all bad, he probably won’t do this state any good; if it is all glowing, then he probably will. At least the chances are on your side…. You can also judge the demeanor of those making the praise or scurrilous remarks… do they even know what they are talking about? Are they rational, or do they just have an ideological bone to pick…. “socialist, pinko, gay, communist, etc…”—boring.

For instance, lets start with a no brainer… The governor’s race… Markell vrs Bill Lee

First Jack Markell….. Now Bill Lee for Governor

See what I mean? It is kind of obvious why polls are showing Markell approaching a 70% advantage. If you only read the News Journal, you would think it was still a close race…

Ok, now the fun one… We compare Gandalf to Sauron… First we Google Matt Denn…. and then Google his antithetical opposite, Charlie Copeland.… Wow, talk about opposites…

Insurance Commissioner? Google Karen Weldin Stewart and then her opponent John Brady…. Tom Savage is the independent who also on the ballot. The best one to carry on Matt Denn’s tradition was not who you thought it was going to be, now, was it?

OK, Senate races… If you live in the Chateau Country, properly known as the 4th…(because if and when they get to the bottom of the fifth, they are all drunk.) Google Dr. Katz and John Clatworthy. LOL… that’s my humor for the day.. Ok for real this time… for Dr. Mike Katz for Senate…. I think that is the first time a Delawarean candidate has been beaten off the front page by an animated cartoon…. If you have time, its a good cartoon. But those not already having their arms twisted by either candidate, can readily see who would provide a different perspective to our state legislature…. If there is anything our General Assembly is in sore need of, it’s a new direction.

Next is an important battle for the soul of Newark:  State Senate District 6: first John MacKenzie; next Liane Sorenson.

(Ok, I’m getting tired, and my list is long.)

State Senate 10

Bethany Hall-Long
James Weldin

State Senate 16

Harold Stafford
Colin Bonini

State Senate 17

Brian Bushweller
James Hutchison

State Senate 18

Gary Downes
Gary Simpson

State Representative 4

Tyler Nixon
Gerald Brady

State Representative 7

Bryon Short
Jim Bowers

State Rep. 8

Quinton Johnson
Martha Sturtevant

State Rep. 9

Rebecca Walker
Dick Cathcart

State Rep. 10

Dennis Williams
Robert Valihura

State Rep. 11

Charles Old
Gregory Lavelle

State Rep. 17

Michael Mulrooney

David Lee Osborne

State Rep. 18

Michael Barbieri
Terry Spence

State Rep. 19

Robert Gilligan
Joe Sakeley

State Rep. 21

Pat Creedon
Michael Ramone

State Rep. 22

Rebecca Young
Joe Miro

State Rep. 23

Terry Schooley
Jesse Priester

State Rep. 24

Daniel Basara
Bill Oberle

State Rep. 25

John Kowalko
James Gates

State Rep. 26

John Viola
Jeremy Filliben

State Rep. 27

Earl Jacques
Vince Lofink
James Spencer

State Rep. 29

Charles Paradee
Pam Thornburg

State Rep. 31

Darryl Scott
Nancy Wagner

State Rep. 32

Brad Bennett
Donna Stone

State Rep. 33

Robert Walls
Harold Peterman

State Rep. 34

Bruce Hamilton

Donald Blakey

State Rep. 35

Aaron Chaffinch

David Wilson

State Rep. 37

Helen Truitt

Joe Booth

State Rep. 38

Mary K. Ryan
Gerald Hocker

State Rep. 39

Dan Short
Jerry Semper

State Rep. 40

Barbara Hudson
Clifford Lee

State Rep. 41 “God’s Country”

John Atkins

Greg Hastings

New Castle County Council District 12 (The only County Race This General Election)

William Bell
Laura Brown

(My apologies to the City of Wilmington… Those living within the city proper, should have the picture of what to do by now…. )

Kent County Races

KC Register of Wills

Tom Weyent
John Friedman

Levi Court 3

Allen Angel
David Anderson

Levy Court 5

George Sweeney
W.G. Edmanson

Kent County Comptroller

Georgette Williams
Steven Artz

Sussex County Races

Sussex Clerk of the Peace

Gregory Fuller
George Parish

Sussex County Council 2

Michael Wyatt
Samuel Wilson

Sussex County Council 3

Mark Baker
Joan Deaver

There you have it. What was originally started as a comparison between the two Lieutenant Governor’s candidates Google pages, has grown into the most definitive place to find out about Delawarean politics in the world…

Anyone wanting to know about anyone of their candidates upon the ballot, can in less than five minutes, make up their mind… It is my hope that putting this information out there so all can see it raw, will bypass many of those middle men who have wrongly meddled too many times in this state’s politics… Furthermore, I hope that it will circumvent the ignorance that most of us have when we go to the polls, and suddenly struggle with choosing one of those on the bottom of the ticket…

As I look over my work, I realize that this will be a forever changing document, subject to the rules of Google’s algorithms… As Duffy, LG, and I will attest, anyone with $40,000 to spend could get a nice opening page supporting their candidates. Because of that, this collection will be freshest as soon as it is first published… I highly recommend that each candidate take a screen shot and save it, as proof of future tampering…. Your audience is fairly savvy. If anyone is caught tampering, they sleep in the doghouse for an election season.

Happy voting, and this time, let us make a real difference…..