First was the flabbergasting admission by traditional conservative Sarah Palin during the debate, that she saw nothing wrong with the sexual coupling of human males….

Then came this admission in yesterday’s News Journal:

Republican candidate for lieutenant governor Charlie Copeland and former New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman called for finding sustainable energy sources and promoting in-state research to help the economy grow

There are some things that just don’t fit…. I can believe Christine Todd Whitman, she is after all a good Republican who herself was brutally abused by Bush and Cheney……. But Charlie Copeland, after everything he did to scuttle Bluewater Wind’s attempt to give every Delawarean a lower electric bill?

Can he be serious? Or are we supposed to take it as funny? Sort of like one would take the Dick Cheney of Delaware Politics, trying to dress up as the Sierra Club’s spokesperson?

Did Delmarva’s lapdog think we’d forget so soon?

It wasn’t really that long ago………….

April 30th 2007

Instead of approaching the possibility of entering into long term contracts with its eyes wide opened, as it should in an IRP, Copeland approached that possibility with blinders on. Indeed, it appears that Copeland took on the IRP not as an objective broker, but rather with an agenda that at its core is centered on Copeland’s desire not to enter into long term contracts………..It is not Copeland’s prerogative to simply brush aside the Legislature.

September 27th, 2007

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that we the undersigned are of the considered opinion that before you cast a final vote binding the GENERAL ASSEMBLY, you are obligated to return to the GENERAL ASSEMBLY for instructions as to how the GENERAL ASSEMBLY wishes to vote on the matter in question.
Charles L. Copeland
State Senate, 4th District
(the letter itself may be illegal because in itself, it violates the spirit of the law that was passed by a majority of the General Assembly.)

October 4, 2007

Delaware’s number one lobbyist, Charlie Copeland, does not believe in Global Warming. To him it is just some mumbo jumbo pattering designed to steal profits from his number one client, Delmarva Power. ……..And as future waves come crashing through Mike Castle’s Rehoboth residence, one can almost hear his ghostly murmur, in that special tone of his……………….”Thanks Charlie…….”

October 5, 2007

They are bound by oath to their master. They care not one iota whether you can pay these high prices or not. They are controlled by Delmarva. Fear these few….They stop at nothing to keep you from paying much less for your electricity.

October 5, 2007

Charlie Copeland’s and Harris McDowells famous antiwind letter was written on September 12.
On September 30th, GM announce they had no plans for production at the Boxwood plant. Connection?……..What is significant, is whether we can get Blue Water Wind on line in time to keep GM and Chrysler from leaving for good.

October 6, 2007

We ought to let private investors compete against one another to get us the best price point and price stability. I think the marketplace would do that better than some regulatory regime,” Copeland said. He said he wants to make sure low-income residents can afford wind power.”…….it is for you the reader to decide…..Do you prefer the Charlie Copeland’s vision of deregulated, marketplace driven rates we pay today, or the regulated rates that existed before May 2006? Be honest now…

November 14, 2007

Elected officials like John Kowalko, Jack Markell, John Carney, Matt Denn and my city councilman, Cam Hay have offered thoughtful comments in favor of keeping the negotiations going.

February 15, 2008

There is also one toady Republican who has done all the legwork for these Democrats, and that is Charlie Copeland. All four of these guys are against Bluewater Wind building off the coast of Delaware.
….Our ancestors fought off a king 230 years ago. We certainly do not need 4 more Queens running Delaware, the first state to approve the Constitution.

March 7, 2008

The News Journal reports that McDowell’s decision to spend $35,000 to hire Randall Speck is reverberating around Leg Hall: “Quite frankly, we were very surprised a Washington lawyer was hired to essentially cross-examine the chair of the commission and myself,” said PSC Executive Director Bruce Burcat, who said he believed before the hearing they would be questioned by senators.
State Senator Charles Copeland told Allan Loudell last night on WDEL that he knew about the hiring of Randall Speck a week ago. So why couldn’t anyone tell the PSC what was about to happen? “Not to tell someone they’re essentially going to be cross-examined, I think, is rude. It sounds like a setup,”

April 10, 2008

We know for a fact that Copeland was in the secret breakfast strategy meeting with Speck and McDowell and thanks to Copeland’s interview on WDEL we now know that focus of that meeting was to generate material for this “90 page report” that is so conclusive that Copeland can announce on the radio that the deal is basically dead. (He said “90 page report” over and over again like it was some kind of impossible task to read 90 whole pages.)

May 8, 2008

Bottom line. If we lose Bluewater Wind, Charlie (among others) is to blame……….
90% of us can return the favor on Nov. 4th.

August 8, 2008

As one who personally attended scores of meetings, hearings and political posturing exercises on the matter, I have said before and I reiterate this point. Charlie Copeland did not support the Off-Shore wind project and in fact, aggressively worked behind the scenes as well as out in the open (occasionally), against it. This is a matter of record and Tom Noyes and Matt Denn are dead on correct.

August 8, 2008

Copeland complains that Denn is “fabricating” information on this subject, but the record clearly shows he was against wind power before he was for it. Sorry Charlie, but we’re talking about the biggest issue of the last two years, and you can hardly expect that your public actions and statements could simply fade from the public record. Matt Denn has it exactly right: Denn said Copeland only voted in favor of Bluewater Wind after it was a done deal.

August 8, 2008

Delaware Sen. Charles Copeland, the GOP candidate for Lt. Governor, was asked what his stance was on drilling off of Delaware’s coast. His response?
He would not “take it off the table”.

August 9, 2008

Copeland tries to defend his vote in committee, saying it was simply so the report could be released to the public. Anyone present during the lynching of Arnette McRae would certainly think otherwise. The smiles on Charlies face, and his obvious glee when Speck made each legal blow, seem to make his defense similar to that of the camera person YouTubing the horrific beating of an innocent girl..”I wasn’t part of it. I just filmed it so it could be released to the public”

September 14, 2008

N Y Times: a handful of powerful state legislators — among them the State Senators Charles Copeland and Harris McDowell III — stepped in last December and managed to force a deadlock among four state agencies that were set to ratify the power purchase agreement between Bluewater and Delmarva. In a move that surprised everyone (“There were audible gasps in the room,” recalls one witness to the proceedings),

Now that’s the Charlie Copeland we’ve come to know and love…..