What’s the rush?

Figured out why.

Tuesday September 30th ends the third quarter… Fixing the deal by Friday, gives every financial company the opportunity to make their adjustments over the weekend; adjustments like shifting their bad debt over to the Federal Government.

Only then their third quarter will look rosy… and the market’s confidence will be restored.

The Great crash of 1929 was caused by rather bad third-quarter financial reports… Like this year, the financial year of 1929 was full of ups and downs… But there was always hope…  After the third quarter performed far less than expectations, most decided the ride was over and it was time to get out.

All at the same time.

The first collapse took place the first Thursday after the quarter ended, the second on the Monday after (apparently Friday was a good day),  and the third, the most famous… a day later….. The bubble had burst.

Apparently the Financial Institutions have been holding back.  What they report for this third quarter will drop everyone’s jaw…(look for a mind blower in the hedge fund department with leverages at levels 40:1)

That is why this administration is pushing too hard for and is so adamant that by this Friday, the deal must be done… “It must be done by this Friday!”

I will allow you to draw your own conclusions… (just make sure it is in a protected FDIC insured account).