Showing a little fire and brimstone there, are we?

After one month and four days the campaign of Karen Harlley-Nagle is starting to stir…

Yesterday she received the unanimous 100% vote of the Delaware Chapter of the AFL-CIO.   Yes were also behind Mike Miller after he won his two previous primaries as well….  It is a step in the right direction with the honorable Sam Latham leading the charge… With a vulnerable Castle this season ( meaning that Republicans = Bush in most non-politico’s minds)  Sam has a good chance at getting someone in Delaware’s lone Congressional seat who is favorable to the interests of the common worker.

Secondly she also came out swinging against Castle for his snarky new-found beau known as “regulating the financial banking sector..”  He is after all a senior member of the House Financial Services sub-committee.   So who would have been in charge of all such legislation preventing this meltdown from ever happening?

Surely it would not be Delaware’s lone Congressman who accepted contributions from Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, Morgan Stanley, Countrywide Financial, Bear Stearns and Merrill Lynch. the very firms Delaware’s Mike Castle was personally in charge of regulating?

He regulated them pretty well, didn’t he?

Surely it would not be Delaware’s lone Congressman who has already received as of September 2 of this year $436, 403 in contributions from many of the same contributors?

He will be overly tough on them next term, I’m sure, won’t he?

Karen slams him better than Jason330 ever could….

“Mike Castle has taken in a lot of money and, in return, he has failed in his oversight responsibilities. Despite his position on the Financial Services Committee, Mike Castle has failed to take action to protect the residents of Delaware or the country from this crisis brought on in large part due to the growing abandonment of regulation of the financial sector.”

This election cycle Delawareans need to ask… is Hartley-Nagle any different?

The answer is:

My candidacy asks Delawareans to rethink leadership. Can there be integrity in our politics when our futures are mortgaged to the financial services industry? As we slip into a depression, where is the hope?

It is time for Delaware’s voters to consider who Mike Castle represents and send the message that he no longer belongs in Congress,”

Facts are facts… Sometimes the truth hurts… You look it straight in the face, and there it is, staring back at you….