America Embarassed At UN

Perhaps you caught it, the leader of the free world dissed with a total lack of respect…

From the Christain Science Monitor:

George W. Bush’s last speech as American president to the United Nations General Assembly stuck to a familiar theme: the global fight against international terrorism.

Calling the threat from violent extremists “the fundamental challenge of our time,” President Bush on Tuesday reminded the world’s assembled leaders that “every nation in this chamber has responsibilities” in the battle with terror.

Speaking before the United Nations, Bush railed at the threat of extremist terrorists, from who we have heard nothing from since the London attack which killed 52 innocent civilians… Out of a global population that amounts to 0.00000076 of today’s estimated population.

We are currently pondering whether we can keep our economy alive to feed people, when everything crashes…

It shows our current administration, whom most would agree is just a precursor of what McCain will bring….is out of touch… The world is about to spin out of control financially, and “the greatest threat of our time”… fundamentalist extremists….

The question is not whether they are a threat…. it is a point of degree… Are they our ‘GREATEST THREAT’?

Bush said so; and the world ignored him as one does at every town meeting, where the universal fool goes on far too long about the tiny crack in his sidewalk….

I have done a lot of talking with people who know what a Great Depression is like…

They all say, get food… Believe it or not it disappears… Against this backdrop, we are supposed to believe our ‘GREATEST THREAT’ is fundamentalist extremists…

And almost as an aside, Bush characterized “the UN as a critical force in the 21st century – one that is uniquely positioned to meet the challenges of extremism, poverty, authoritarian rule, and a lack of human rights. But its promise is too often limited, he said, by inefficiencies and member states’ failure to work toward common interests.

Apparently even he realizes his unilateral approach, forced on him by the neocons surrounding him, was pure bunk…. Otherwise why would he pull out a page from Obama’s position of foreign relations?

Sorry dude, the world has moved on… You and McCain just don’t get it… Neither of you can lead, simply because you have no idea of what is really going on….