I was trying to find some references for a post, and was digging up my past, when I came across this comment by Mr. Anderson (remember the Matrix?)

I thought in light of today’s news that it would be timely and  appropriate to share with all.

I think you are wrong on this one. The (Bush) administration has done a tremendous job with the economy. At no other time in our history have we had such unbroken growth and high employment when we faced the outside turmoil half the level we have had in the last 7 years. I bet you a dinner that by November you will see positive economic growth likely this summer.

Well, to be fair, it is not yet November…. but history has proven over and over again,  what usually happens to those who disagree with me, is that sooner or later  they realize , without my saying a word….. that “i told ’em so.”

Although I appreciate the offer of a dinner, Mr Anderson (again the Matrix), I would be even more honored, if you would kindly take that amount to a food bank or a soup kitchen,  and donate it to them instead…