People on crack lie… John McCain and Sarah Palin are lying as we speak…

Is that enough evidence to link them to crackheads?

People on crack are inclusive… Sarah Palin when creating Alaska’s budget, did so secretly only in the presence of her husband and budget director…  Now that’s inclusive..

Is that enough evidence to link them to crackheads?

People on crack make up stories..  The McCain camp made up that Obama called Sarah Palin a pig…  He didn’t… It was McCain himself who used the term….

Is that enough evidence to link them to crackheads?

Crackheads change truth when it does not suit them…. The McCain camp is portraying Sarah Palin as an anti lobbyist government reformer… She isn’t… She spent Alaskian dollars on Washington Lobbying firms..  She spent Wasilla’s limited resources on lobbying firms…. She was gung-ho, whoop-de-doo for the boondoggle “Bridge for Nowhere” and came out against it only after the Federal Government made it clear she could spend the money earmarked for that bridge, anyway she chose….  Then she pretended she was against it…

Is that enough evidence to link them to crackheads?

People on crack, twist reality into exaggerated half truths designed to shock and awe….  The McCain camp accused Obama of pushing sex education in kindergarten…..   when in fact, the program was to warn children of child molesting predators….  a good thing.

Is that enough evidence to link them to crackheads?

People on crack make believe others say something different than they really said….   The McCain camp slurred Obama being slammed by Fact Check.Com, causing Fact Check. Com to issue a warning about McCain using them irresponsibly….

Is that enough evidence to link them to crackheads?

Crackheads think nothing of pimping out their family members… We won’t even mention what happened at the Bike rally at Sturgis, South Dakota… with the beautiful Cindy McCain…..

Is that enough evidence to link them to crackheads?

Crackheads are prone to rash actions… When a builder complained to Wasilla’s mayor, that the city attorney was too picky, actually applying code to what he was building… Sarah fired the attorney….

Is that enough evidence to link them to crackheads?

(Loyal readers no doubt will by now, realize something great is about to be sprung…… Those still new to this blog are no doubt, swallowing this argument hook, line and sinker, like a steelhead trout about to be landed on Todd Palin’s pontoon plane…)

Alright, it’s time… Of course they aren’t…

But what I’ve done is use the Republican’s strategy against themselves..

Nothing above is untrue, but the linkage and the clever wording, is beginning to make you wonder whether perhaps they are on crack.  Actually you can’t help it;  based on the actions stemming from the campaign… I mean after all, look at the Republican Interior Department scandal breaking today…

This is what the McCain campaign is doing… Using half truths, repeated twenty-four hours and linked to unsavory characterizations, and building a controversy that simply has no gas to go anywhere…  It makes news for one day, then he throws out another tidbit….

That is politics.. It is also the behavior of a crack addict… So which of the two are he and Sarah?  He is not the same McCain who ran in 2000, and got plastered in South Carolina by rumors the he, the candidate, had a black baby born our to wedlock….  In Bob Jone’s country, that allegation was the kiss of death…  So is John just playing nasty,… or is his brain chemically imbalanced?

From this point it is hard to tell..  On the one hand, we don’t want to believe it so we dismiss it as coincidence….  “It’s McCain, man”, his supporters say… “He can’t be on crack!”…. But what do you do when all the evidence points to the contrary… There are the tell tale signs of a polar change in behavior, of a complete disregard for the importance of truth, of saying bizarre comments to garnish attention, all of which circumstantially point to crack as the culprit….

Those moments of memory lapses?  You thought it was old age?  Guess again.  Those sultry slips of the tongue,  you thought it was simple fatigue?  Guess again…

Whoops there I go again….(Disclaimer) Of course you know that this was fabricated… It was set upon you just as was the material the McCain camp has handed out about its opponent…

And just like the stuff about his opponent, you, yes you, are starting to wonder if he is not on crack, then perhaps he IS on some type of prescription medication, or Rush Limbaugh painkillers, that cause reality to take a back seat to being the center of attention….

After all, he is getting up there…  how many 72 year olds do you know who are NOT on some type of blood thinner, diabetes or other medication that makes one a little light headed, as well as somewhat fuzzy about the facts…

Can we trust someone in this capacity to handle the power of the greatest superpower this world has ever seen?  Can we trust someone in this capacity to push the right button ( No, Mr. President, Not the RED button) to call for room service instead of a pre-emptive strike?  Can we trust someone this loose with the facts, to trim our budget and not continue to inflate government spending even further out of control? Can we trust those who act like this during a campaign, to behave once they are in office?

Most crackheads would tell you flat out:  “hell no.”  🙂

Since they are about as credible as the National Republican Party these days, perhaps we should listen to them…..