Ossetia Split in Half

Sarah Palin’s misstep on linking the future of our country with a war with Russia, brings up an interesting discussion… One that is v-e-r-y- i-n-t-e-r-e-s-t-i-n-g,,,,,

To her credit, she pulls out this nugget of truth, that has disappeared from the American consciousness.

“I mean, that is the agreement when you’re a NATO ally. If another country is attacked, you’re going to be expected to be called upon to help.”

In so stating, all Ms. Palin did was to enunciate the most basic tenet of the NATO alliance: mutual defense. If anything, she did not go far enough. Most interpretations of the NATO treaty suggest that the U.S. would be obliged to go to war with Russia if it attacked any member of the alliance.

During the Cold War this meant that all would come to the aid of an attack on one member… New York could be sacrificed for Berlin, Washington for Munich, and vice versa… The idea was to provide the credible threat of self annihilation, should one (the Soviet Union) make an attack on one of the alliance’s members…

If Georgia was a member of NATO, we would be obligated right now to be at war with Russia….

Ms. Palin should be commended for reminding us that NATO states must be prepared to meet their alliance commitments at a time when American conservatives (John McCain perhaps most of all) like to make vague pronouncements about Georgia’s future security.

Let us look at how this scenario plays out… (Keep in mind that Russia has 15,000 deliverable nuclear weapons of which we have no way of shooting down..)

Georgia launches a surprising ethnic cleansing operation into South Ossetia, where many South Ossetians want to join North Ossetia and form a separate nation, one speaking the same language, (Ossetian), and one having the same history and cultural bonds… Stalin himself a Georgian from Gori, was the first to arbitrarily place the South Ossetian province under Georgian jurisdiction.

(It would be as if a Republican administration arbitrarily assumed that Sussex County would better serve Maryland, and put it under Maryland’s jurisdiction.. Some would like it, but many would not…)

Overwhelmed the Ossettians appeal for help… Russia responds and retakes Ossettia and establishes a safe zone into parts of Georgia…. After all, they are certainly allowed to by international law. (It mirrors exactly what we did in our First Gulf War.)

Georgia hides the fact that they started it, and appeals to NATO to save it…(Again similar to Saddam Hussein appealing to the world…. “Help us, Save us, Bush is a madman”…)

NATO and the US have two options: one we can attack and commit our nation to war in order to deliver the credible threat we have struggled so hard to build…. or two: we can refuse and diminish all confidence into that credible threat which we have struggled so hard to build up…

Either way, the US loses….

David Anderson brings up a valid point about WWI. That war which killed so many men,and destroyed so many nation’s economies, was fought principally over the duchy of Bosnia buried somewhere deep within the Balkins….What? Yes, read your history… Treaties and alliances effectively designed to keep the peace among the big powers, actually caused World War One, because little powers were given equal status… Their little tiff’s then brought down the big players against each other in what was probably the biggest waste humanity has yet to achieve….

Yes, fifty years ago it seemed noble to trade New York for Berlin…. But how many Americans would want to trade Washington DC, for a little village in a breakaway province that 99.99999% had never heard from until Georgia invaded it?

Under McCain‘s doctrine we would today be committed to nuclear war….as Sarah so rightly point out…

If so, then as for the entire history of humanity,……. all the road running, would have all been in vain.