What's Faster Than a Fleeing Particle?

Around 4:30 this morning, as most of us were tucking ourselves into bed, either from crying in our beers, or pouring them all over our heads in jubilation……

The super hadron collider was fired up for its first run at the CERN complex in Geneva…

Originally it was to be built bigger and better in Texas, but Senate Republicans killed the deal during the nineties..  The monster Machine has a seventeen miles wide circumference and can propel atomic particles 99.999% the speed of light….

The force of those collisions can theoretically create black holes into which our universe could get swallowed up….or as some non scientists speculate, create a new big bang and start things all over again…..

So either we got swallowed up and are continuing our lives in another dimension,… which is possible, or the event was minimal….

In any regards, doomsayers will have another chance however…  on October 21st the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) attempts to go at full power…..

We, alas, have a few more days of seeing political signs and listening and looking at repetitive political commercials……..