Paul Clark is Mr. Pam Scott. He is running for a second term.

Great, how did he do his first term?

He sped up the review process for new development, so that there IS no review process, as citizens at the UDC meeting in Crossroads Presbyterian Church, found out last Thursday night…

Even the Appoquinimink Superintendent exclaimed “They’re doing what” as he saw the land use map for the first time along with everyone else.

The actions of Mr. Pam Scott (Paul Clark) will raise county taxes.

The actions of Mr. Pam Scott (Paul Clark) will cause traffic congestion.

The actions of Mr. Pam Scott (Paul Clark) will depress property values.

So in a nutshell, I would be forced to say that Mr. Pam Scott (Paul Clark) was rather effective in his stint as New Castle County Council President… If you live in New Castle County, you probably cannot afford another equally effective four years of Mr. Pam Scott……

Elections are about choices…. We all know that… And Mr. Pam Scott has his reasons for doing what he did….. all of them are quite valid…. all $88,285 of them……

That is the amount of money funneled by those who must live or die by Mr. Pam Scott’s (Paul Clark) decisions before his council…. Which means that to get Mr. Pam Scott’s (Paul Clark’s) attention, you must first present him with $88,285 dollars……

I don’t have $88,285 dollars…. but we do have another alternative… Vote Mr. Pam Scott (Paul Clark) out of harm’s way…. There is someone better who is running. He is running on representing “people” for a change… )Yeah, people… remember what they are?) It has been a long time since someone on County Council has considered their point of view….

Delaware Way has it posted over there.

$75175 from development community. 60%
$11150 from Building Trades 8%
$ 9600 Stoltz Development 8%
$ 4400 Julian Family 4%
$13,800 Developer’s attorneys 11%

$114125 Aggregate total 91%

Of course this would mean nothing if new development got the scrutiny it realistically deserved.. Of course this would mean nothing if citizens and school boards were not surprised by the number of people moving in to approved developments. Of course this would mean nothing if the rules for development hadn’t secretly been changed. Of course this would be nothing if developers were not right now racing to process bogus applications before the rules change back again…..

But to be fair, we received Mr Pam Scott’s (Paul Clark’s) side in the mail yesterday…the result of his above $114,125 dollars. In his defense Mr. Pam Scott (Paul Clark) decided to make his rebuttal with few words, and respond with pictures instead…

The reason Mr Pam Scott, (Paul Clark) deserves four more years is that he talks to police men, even if they are women. Paramedics drove through neighborhoods on his watch, and he stood beside a police car…

Making a difference for New Castle County

I’ll say,…. one we’ll never be able to crawl out from……