Points for tonights meeting:

Please leave early and drive up the Rt 40 Corridor.  Look at the strip malls, and row houses.  Look at the siding buckling off of 5 year old buildings.  Look at the number of shade trees, and look at the number of stoplights you have to go through.

What you won’t see, will be the overstuffed sewer lines, the underfed water lines, the lack of wilderness area that existed before development moved in.  What you won’t notice will be the 45% increase in the time of your commute, mostly spent close to your home… What you won’t notice will be the number of police calls, the increase in crime, and the fear that senior citizens live underneath, that didn’t used to be there 10 years ago..

Attempts were made to stop it.. But with the selling out of the 40-7 Alliance to the developers, and with the passing of Martha Dennison in her attempt to lead County Council, the developers combined with union support, rolled over any attempt to set up roadblocks.

You can see it taking place now in the 12th District Council Seat covering lower New Castle County.  Bill Bell has done nothing nor said anything that was not sent down from those running the show.  He still follows the playbook saying nothing, even when it counteracts the citizens living in that district themselves….

This is good for those writing the playbook, but is bad for those of you living in its path…

Numbers are your best defense.  They worked in the Bear area up until the year 2002.  Organize door to door and show up at meetings…  Check with your neighbors on both sides of you and then go from there if you wish to preserve the good things that make living where you are…. great.

if you are searching for a model, to be used in future development, the best development in the Bear Area would be Wrangle Hill Estates, near the corner of Rt 72 and Porter Road.  Drive through this development and see how it makes good use of its environment.  Only a minimum of trees were eliminated, and a majority of the acreage was left undisturbed.

That should be the ideal we accept.  That should be the direction we go. That should be the policy of this county, ….not that which we are given…….