Hats off to rsmitty for getting the time down correctly.

Verified by Representative Dick Cathcart, the News Journal, and the Middletown Transcript the all important meeting on the changes in UDC code affecting the lower canal area, will take place tonight at 7:00 pm at the Crossroads Presbyterian Church at 627 Vance Neck Road, just north of Odessa.

It had previously been reported on Delaware Way and this Blog, that the date was tomorrow.

It is not. It is tonight…..August September 4th….

Again, if possible, every citizen of New Castle County, needs to be there at this meeting. it is THAT important… Barring that, everyone who CAN make it, needs to hear what the changes made to the Unified Development Code, will do to your property value and quality of life…..

Although the Code applies only to New Castle County, it would be helpful for our brothers and sisters of Sussex and Kent Counties, to make the short trip up north, in order to see what’s at stake, so they can have the foresight to make preemptive plans accordingly….