Another very important meeting will take place I am told, on September 5th, (that is this Friday) on Vance Neck Road….just north of Odessa.

This is a public (not political) meeting, although I am sure politicos will be on the sideline…

The venue is at the Crossroads Presbyterian Church… on Vance Neck Road…

How to Get to the

How to Get to Crossroads Presbyterian Church

Like Sussex County, this tiny meeting may determine our quality of life over the next century… At stake, is whether Delawareans want their lower New Castle County to become the next overgrown Bear, or whether they want a different rate of growth, one complete with all the advantages, but lacking all the headaches……

Elections are serious business. They determine the course of our future. What needs to happen at this venue on Friday night at 7:00….is that enough citizens show up, so that it will be equivocally clear that the “GO SLOW, GROW RIGHT” coalition is truly a powerful force to be reckoned with…. Everyone living in New Castle County (how I wish that were possible) needs to be at that location just to find out which politicians are on their side, and which are bought out by the developers…..

They then need to vote those stools out of office.

This should be a must=attend for anyone concerned with the quality of life of where they live…. You have always complained… so now, and here, is a chance to make your stand….

Which way are we going? You will decide……..