Denali Near Sarah Palins Hometown
Photo Courtesy of Mudflats A Photo Safari of Wasilla, Alaska

Truly, I wasn’t going to comment on national politics until the primary was over, but the Sarah Palin story will just not go away… Like Brittney Spears, it just keeps getting more absurd……

Americans are celebrity conscious…. Many of us wish we were one, but we do not begrudge them their life within the bubble…. Perhaps because America has just discovered her new found “hotness”, the current “bubble” has matriculated around Sarah Palin and her family…..

Troopergate, a scandal as it is now being called, is really nothing new… It happens on every level in government, military, or the corporate world, most often going unreported. Any reader thrust in the same position, would do the same thing…..” That sob ex-brother-in-law…. bitch-slapped my sister; I’ll get him”. If you didn’t feel the same way… what on earth are you, an alien?….You certainly are not much of a family person…

Perhaps none of you have ever been in a position of authority. But if you are ever placed in an executive position, whether it is in a governmental, military, or corporate environment, and you are accountable to people above, and responsible to people below….., you have to directly meet challenges to your authority…. They happen… You react… Life goes on….. So if you ask an underling for a favor and they refuse, “fire my ex-brother-in-law” you are required to take some form of action, if you wish to be taken seriously the next time… Personally, I think the option she chose, was well crafted.. She had good advisers; that option probably would not have occurred to me..

We can always go back later and investigate as to why that firing occurred….. Here at home, that happens within the Delaware State Police firing practices all the time…. We here in Delaware should be used to it by now… Even now, Republicans are simply asking for a similar accountability over actions that occurred in Delaware Psychiatric Hospital….

We need these reviews for they serve a greater purpose…. If there were not a fear of accountability, what motive other than altruism would then exist to counteract the natural human tendencies to profit from ones situation?

So perhaps an judgmental error was made… Who out there has not made one over their lifetime? But the argument being made….. is respectfully whether or not Sarah Palin has the character to be Commander in Chief…. As of right now, so far as I can find out….. there has not been a breach of Public Trust, where money from people like you or I, has been used for her personal use or gain…

To be so squeaky clean in the land of Ted Stevens…..I think says loads.. It’s one thing to be in church and not steal from the collection plate as it goes by…. It is another to still refuse to steal, even when among a den of thieves. As I hear more about the culture of Alaska, under Republican Ted Stevens….. I have to shake my head how anyone could have remained honest in that environment…. If Sarah comes thorough this clean, …..she has the character to be President of the United States….

About the family…

The GOP are flying Bristol Palin’s boyfriend out to the convention….. (I told you they should have banned torture). We shall see how that pans out…. My opinion is that he should have been left alone…. But the bubble reigns….and that is unfortunate for the entire clan of Palins.

Remember Brittney Spears? How many of you currently know that she has turned her life around, lost weight, and is trying to regain visitation rights and I think, may have already acquired them by now? I wonder how many of you know how that turn about came around? (I’m a fan, you can tell?)

Answer: it was her father who stepped back into her life…. Of course she let him, but a father’s love is impossible to replace. Now I know that many of you don’t know your fathers, or have fathers who abused their privilege… But I bet when you are truthful, you wish it had gone down differently at times, don’t you? A father is important and that is where this “adventure” needs to occur… in the family and not in the public spotlight….

Some may say that such a messed up family has no place on the national ticket… To them I say….look around…. There are messed up families all around you… You work with them, you go to school with them, you recreate with them….. It happens… and it happens more with political figures and celebrities, no doubt because their parent’s time is stretched way too thin to parent effectively….

So I may be the only person left on this planet to have this opinion, but if McCain knew all this and chose Sarah Palin anyway, he has a lot more character than any Democrat has so far given him… For America’s families ARE messed up. And having someone who has experienced it first hand, is the first step in getting the foundation built in the right spot, so we can begin to build ourselves right out of it….. It sure is a lot more trustworthy than someone living a fake, prefect lie, waving their finger at me while calling me a “bad parent”.

We all mess up occasionally. Its what we do afterward that determines whether we deserve to go on…. or not….