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We know Andrea Daley from her posts on Nancy’s Delaware Way….

This is her bio.

Daley, meanwhile, is a founder of the Middletown Corridor Coalition, which fought the Route 301 by-pass project and lobbied the state legislature to require DelDOT to hold additional workshops.

A graduate of Rutgers University in New Jersey, she previously served on the board of directors and as the vice-president of programming for the Holocaust Education Center of the Delaware Valley. Daley is currently the president of the Chesapeake Meadow Maintenance Corporation and a volunteer with the Cub Scouts and the Middletown High School Robotics Club.

But who is Weldin? Steve Amick himself came out in Weldin’s support….

Weldin is a retired Newark police officer and a former director of public services for the City of New Castle who currently runs his own homeland security consulting business.

A graduate of the University of Delaware, he is a volunteer firefighter with Aetna Hose, Hook & Ladder Company, serves as an Emergency Medical Services Officer and a coach for youth baseball, football and basketball teams.

But in the News Journal, there was this personal statement that needs looked at…

It could be true… and I could not be…

I can not beleive Amick Supports a Criminal… This guy weldin was a Newark cop forced to Retire after he was caught “stealing”. He is a compulsive liar that has cheated on his first wife and hasn’t seen one of his kids in years. This guy says he’s a fireman and an EMT but has not been on a firetruck or ambulance in at least 10 years…. Anyone who is currently a Poilce officer in Newark knows this information. How could Amick be so blind…. I guess that’s why he’s retiring….. He’s finally lost it. I wouldn’t vote for Weldin if he was the last man standing… What kind of clients does he have in that so called consulting firm…. I’ll tell you his own subdivision….. What a rat…. Yeah Steve, let’s elect anonother crook to Dover… that’s what we need…. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wait for Change Comment 9/1 09:45

Better this sees the light of day now…. than after September 9th…..

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