Photo Courtesy of Mudflats

While the rest of the blogosphere was chasing down media reports on McCain’s surprising (to them) pick, those of us who know how things work, perused the back channels of the Alaskan blog world to find out who Sarah Palin really is….

Bottom line after reading both sides of the issue, is……………….. she is hot. That is about it.

My favorite was this Alaskan’s matter of fact approach. Sort of like their state’s character of itself, calling things out as they are regardless of party affiliation, he pretty well lays facts on the table representing both sides of his political landscape.

What McCain trumps as her virtues, still stand up under local scrutiny by her contemporaries. What the opposition says about her inexperience, also stands up under local scrutiny by her contemporaries.

So the real question,…. how will she stand up as leader of the free world should should one of McCain’s arterial walls burst?

After much reading, I think she will become the modern world’s equivalent of one Harry Truman….
What? (Has he lost his mind?)

Perhaps, but in my humble opinion, I would venture that perhaps I have a better recollection of one Harry Truman than those of you who only knew him from others attempts to characterize themselves as “another Harry Truman…..”

Today, we see Harry Truman as a great statesman who wisely invested time and effort against the then threat of an rejuvenated Soviet Union, and by his timeliness, prevented the Communist takeover of war-torn Europe….. Far sighted indeed.

What is not spoken of is how in doing so, he had to run counter against most of the pundits of his time, almost costing him his second term against New York’s Governor Dewey. Far behind in the polls, even on election eve, today’s historical consensus based on testimonies of various voters themselves… that tens of millions of Americans changed their mind as they stepped into the voting booth itself…..

I will have more on that historic moment later…

What is not often considered was that Truman was put on the ticket entirely for his weakness by Roosevelt himself.(In those days conventions had to approve) Roosevelt always ran with a weak counter body. Always. Truman, a haberdasher from Independence, Missouri, who had slipped into the Senate (34) by sheer luck, (no one else representing the Kansas City Party Machine would run) and was only holding down his seat until his party boss back home could convince another of their regular candidates to make a run….. (Didn’t know that, huh?)

There is no question today by either political party, that Truman was the right president for his time, considering the choice faced down by America which began with the end of World War II.

So what of Sarah Palin?

As with Truman, we need to see her character, and ignore her lack of experience…. (An obvious comparison with Obama can be made here).

The best example of her character can be seen in her 20 months as chief executive of the world’s largest state…. (I think)….

Here are the facts.

She BEAT the Republican machine, in Alaska the Republicans are the caricature of Corruption. She then went on and BEAT the very well entrenched Democrat challenger, who was also the caricature of Corruption…… She has as governor, kept her small town ideology, a truly herculean task. She IS involved in a scandal, which has dropped her approval rate down from its original 90% to 68%….. (Remember Mike Castle at 68% was called the “winning-est politician in Delaware’s history…). But that scandal does not involve corruption. It does not involve the selling out of Alaska’s citizens to large companies shelling out campaign contributions; it does not involve the selling out of Alaska’s citizens to wealthy bank rollers, willing to offer gifts of millions to allow her to fix up one’s property. It does not involve the selling out of Alaska’s citizens to special interests, giving them carte blanche to eject citizens from their homes in order that redevelopment can occur on their former property….

No, it involves a vendetta on a family level sort of like one would expect to hear about in Smyrna….. Tacky perhaps, but not life threatening…

Perhaps she will learn by her mistake. Perhaps she will come to realize that as an emissary of a nation, personal issues have to be placed on hold…. But then again…. that would be totally un-American of her to do so… As a nation, we have always mixed our personal with our politics…

I doubt that many of you remember our great icon, Harry Truman’s huge scandal of its time, involving his vendetta against a certain critic of his wife’s singing and piano playing…… Of course you don’t…Although huge at its time, it was like today’s issues, much ado about nothing….

Most Europeans see the union of our nation’s character and our policy, as our national strength. For when push comes to shove, it is their primary reason for supporting us in long term, because they know that over here, despite our special interests jostling our politicians, individual Americans still have the ultimate voice, and power,…. to change their country’s direction should their leaders make a huge misstep.

So you can read the blogs if you want, or just take my word for it, but Sarah Palin (did I say she was hot?) would seriously shake up the entire globe for the better…. Unlike most campaign slogans, perhaps also because of her utter (up to this point) lack of ambition, she has put people first, something rather surprising being that she is a Republican….With her small town horsemoose-sense, she can see a little more clearly than those overly experienced who shake, quake, and fail to act in a timely fashion, for fear of those ghosts of “what might have been”.

And….. she IS a better shot than Cheney……..