Much controversy swirls up and down Millsboro these days…

But bottom line is this: Hastings has always been a good man. His opponent has not.

As for the issues, Adkins cannot help one there. He does not even know where he stands on them…

Defaced signs? Truly they mean nothing… Their mishap could be construed by either party, or by either party’s more fanatical fans…. Alleged late night calls of a threatening nature… unless we have the recordings to play for all,… they too mean nothing. For during a political year everyone wants to play a role, either of the victim or the tough guy, and milk everything they can get out of it…..

But……what you can’t hide is character. It shines. If evil is able to overcome it, (which I’ll admit does sometimes happen), then it is solely because the community of Millsboro sat back and chose to allow it to happen.

Hastings in one year….has laid more decent bills onto the table, then John Adkins did over his entire career….. Millsboro cannot afford to cut its nose off just to spite its face… Voting for Atkins would do just that….

Every native of Millsboro needs to stand on the corner of Main and State, and ponder this election while looking at the inscription above the old bank building on the corner: In God We Trust.

Politically burying Atkins forever would cause the rest of the state to marvel with well deserved admiration, over what a great town Millsboro has become.